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The Setting in Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”

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Free «The Setting in Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”» Essay Sample

The setting in Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” makes ideal conditions for a treacherous affair. The author creates a perfect setting and uses it to symbolize an adulterous affair. The story occurs in the late 1800s in the deep west. It narrates an adulterous affair between Bobinot’s wife, Calixta, and Clarisse’s husband, Alcee (Chopin 96). The event happens during a dreadful storm. The presence of rain storm in the story is not coincidental; rather, it is the inspiration behind the affair and the story. The storm starts, culminates, and ends simultaneously with the story. This setting acts as a catalyst to the enthusiasm occurring between Calixta and Alcee (Chopin 96). This storm starts when Alcee is riding by. The same storm makes Calixta move out to collect Bibi’s coat. Calixta sees Alcee, and they get into the house. The storm makes the two close the door behind them (Stipe 16).

Chopin skillfully harmonizes the storm’s compelling advancement with the impacts of obsession on the two lovers. She brings the two characters together using the stormy setting. Concerned about Bibi and Bobinot, Calixta looks closely through the widow and notices a lightning striking a nearby tree. This storm directs the next action (Reuben 85). Calixta is threatened by the storm, and this makes her cry. The cry invites Alcee’s intervention, and he encircles her with his arms (Chopin 97). This first embrace makes the two lovers reach the climax within a short period. The passion between Calixta and Alcee is equivalent to the strength of the storm. It leads them and symbolizes their passion for each other. The storm starts to end as the story comes to an end carrying with it the affair with Alcee (Chopin 98). The story commences with Alcee and Calixta enjoying their final moments together. Then, it continues to dictate the progression of the events. Both the story and the storm end with every character satisfied and happy (Chopin 99). Chopin uses the stormy setting to bring lovers together, describe their sexual climax, and end their affair. It is the storm that makes everything possible in the story.

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