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Death of the Ball Turret Gunner

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Free «Death of the Ball Turret Gunner» Essay Sample

The death of the Ball Turret Gunner is one of the few war poems available in various literature holographs. The poem, written by Randall Jarrell and published in the year 1945, talks about gunner’s death, in a Sperry ball turret during the Second World War. His death, as depicted in the poem, took place in the American aircraft bomber. In the poem, Randall has employed the use of different poetic devices to aid in easing the delivery of his message to the readers. The essay will describe cogently the use of imagery in the poem. Imagery is the use of wordings in picture like descriptions in order to tune the reader’s mind into the poet’s imaginations.

To begin with, the third line talks of the poet waking up to black flak and nightmare fighters. In this case, the poet tries to show that the gunner woke up only to realize that he is a victim. He is a victim of the adverse suffering and effects on American soldiers in various battlefields. In the contemporary world, the poet tries to show that most people blindly face problems they cause to themselves and realize later when it is too late. In the last line, the poet talks of his death which is probably a consequence of being a soldier. In the beginning of the poem, he has been portrayed only useful in the public light. He feels it a great responsibility working on behalf of his country. He however fails to comprehend or sense the presence of danger that later terminates his life.

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The first line of the poem speaks about patriotism. “From my mother’s womb, I fell into the State” (Randall, Line 1). This excerpt gives pictorial representation of the poet’s patriotic nature. He has served the country since his childhood. This literary depicts existence of too much loyalty among some people. This may be dangerous and sometimes cost lives.

From the few illustrations, it is lucidly true that the poet has shown his professionalism through the use of imagery. Through the use of diction, the poet has managed to use relevant words and relate them to the situation in the poem and come up with a complete poem with imagery successfully used. 

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