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Reconciliation in Lord

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Free «Reconciliation in Lord» Essay Sample

In the letter to Romans, St. Paul appeals to both the Jews and the Gentile. His mission is to call for obedience of faith among all the nations for the sake of Jesus Christ; therefore, he aims at reconciling those who have the status of righteous and those who have not gained it yet. Being a debtor to both Greeks and foreigners, he is eager to preach the Good News for all of them and to promise salvation to everyone who believes. He explains that there is no difference for God and that their faith is the main condition for His mercy.

Among other arguments, the apostle stresses on vile passions and reprobate mind, evil habits, and other vices spread among both the Jews and the Gentile. Due to being equally worthy of death without excuse, the first have no right to judge the latter. Therefore, St. Paul urges them to repentance and patience. Otherwise, neither the Jews nor the Greek will escape oppression and anguish.

Further, he explains that God is just and there is no partiality with Him. Talking about circumcision, St. Paul argues that outward circumcision does not determine the faith while circumcision of the heart is the one God needs to see. That is why His attitude does not depend on flesh or appearance or any ethnic identification. It is explained that no one of them is righteous and no one does good; instead, all of them are under sin and will be equally brought under the judgment of God. There is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith, and the uncircumcised through faith, St. Paul underlines; thus, there is no distinction.

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Finally, the apostle proclaims that all the nations were reconciled to God through the death of Jesus Christ, and due to that sacrifice, everyone got a chance to be saved and inherit His kingdom.

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