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Free «Pygmalion» Essay Sample

The Pygmalion is one of the most entertaining British plays that are loved by many people to the present time. The play is an intriguing due to its social observations and the charming love story. In the play Henry Higgins, upper- middle – class person of leisure, changes Eliza Doolittle, an affiliate of the working poor, via training her in the language and manners’ aspects. The end of this play is uncertain. This is due to the fact that there is a probability that Eliza could end up with Freddy, Higgins, Pickering or herself.

The advantage of Eliza ending up with Henry Higgins is that is that she would give Higgins company in his life that has turned to be boring. As the play is about to come to an end Higgins seems to be a changed man and thus deserves to stay with Eliza. In addition, marrying Higgins would serve as a token of appreciation for what he has done for her. The disadvantage of Eliza ending up with Henry is that the relationship would not be romantic as Henry is a character who is rude towards Eliza since he believes that it was him who transformed the woman from a flower girl to a duchess. The fact that these two people are socially different would later bring problems in their relationship.

The advantage of Eliza ending up with Freddy is that she would finally get someone who takes care of her as she is at the end of her youth. This is attributed to the fact that Freddy is really tender and caring gentleman. In this situation Eliza has the upper hand because of love, respect and care received from Freddy who does not look at such aspects as social status or education.

The disadvantage of Eliza ending up with Freddy is that they would live penniless since Freddy is not financially stable in comparison to other guys. It is seen in the play that after they get married they run up a green grocer shop.

Colonel Pickering is as a man who knows how to treat Eliza well, and thus she says that Colonel Pickering is a character who knows to present himself to anyone despite the difference in social class. This is an implication that the relationship between Eliza and Colonel would not be based on social class differences but respect and love. The disadvantage of Eliza ending up with Colonel Pickering is that he is an old man in comparison to the young age of Eliza.

The advantage of Eliza ending up by herself is that she would have self respect as she does not allow herself to get manipulated by the men who claim to have transformed her from a flower girl to a real woman. The disadvantage of her ending by herself is that Eliza would fail to feel care and love of two admirers like Freddy and Henry. In addition, the play looses its romantics when the main heroine ends up by herself.

The audience of this play is left in a frustrated position due to the poor conclusion of what is seen to be a play about a love story. Plays about romantics usually end up in a clear manner. The wish of the audience is to see a classic consummation of the hero and the heroine in a romantic state. That is what the play was all about from the beginning. Most of the people who have watched the play believe that the way Eliza treated Freddy is a display of pride and such aspect should not be advocated for in such a play. As a result this play has maintained its fame due to the critics. 

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