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Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Free «Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost» Essay Sample

Such poems are difficult to write and are evocative. In these lines you will not be able to hide weak words. That is a kind of poetry in English that is distinctive and with no proper name for it. It is briefer than a sonnet and more spacious than an epigram. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost is considered as emblematic and has a broad meaning. It is ambiguously balanced and tightly constructed. Eden and fall are metaphorically combined in the idea of felix culpa. For the first time the poem appeared in Frost’s issue, in 1923 in New Hapshire, when the author was forty-eight.

Nothing Gold Can Stay is notably short as consist of just 40 words. Most of the words are two syllables. For Frost-iambic trimester (three strongly stressed lines that usually go with six syllables) the meter is somewhat unusual. All its features of style are contributed to lyric compression and expressive conciseness. The poem is usually viewed as a nature poem and shows early spring moment when the world is blossoming out.

Nothing Gold Can Stay is not easy to describe in a nutshell, as would be considered as nutshell in itself. Its complexity is in abstracting the whole world in a couple of lines. The poem explores the idea that perfection, happiness and bliss cannot and will not endure. Being young is a purity sign and it does not last forever. The entire poem is a symbol of the brittle nature of life. “Nature” stands here as “human nature” as it is pointing to young age. There is described a human nature through the “First green” phrase (youth) which is referred to “prima vera” from Latin. It is a flower, which dries out with time, and purity as being young is faded with each day. What is thought as Eden (beauty) is now just a grief (sadness).  Eden is a biblical paradise and has its root to the happiness of Adam and Eve. “Gold” here means more like something beautiful or precious. It is stated that youth is a treasure and the most precious things in our lives are transitory. “Hue” is denoted for loud protest or outcry and is referred to strength and impulse. For example, the phrase “Her hardest hue to hold” means youth that hard to control.

The rhymes schemes in Nothing Gold Can Stay build as AABBCCDD. The key words as “gold” and “hold” show expressiveness placed on holding gold as holding onto life. All the little sonic moments of this poem when read, make an echo chamber, with certain repetition, which is constantly being reminded.

The reader may see the fading of personal characteristics in many characters or the fact that any qualities they may have will not last forever and will sooner or later come to an end. 

Nothing Gold Can Stay describes in details the same moments in three cycles of life: the daily cycle, the yearly cycle, and the mythic cycle. Every poem part shows the moment when the promises of perfection decline into fewer things. Gold boldly becomes a symbol – a truly traditional one – with the highest number of value and most bright beauty. The described terms like dawn, spring and Eden are considered as a part of Golden Age, a transient paradise. What is waiting for us is never stated openly, but it is probably present by complicity. Day is unavoidable and is succeeded by night. Summer is followed by autumn and winter. Green leafs finally turn brown and decay. Adam and Eve received mortality after the loss of Eden. After human youth come maturity, late age and ultimately death. Therefore, the golden moment is the most precious as it is transitory. As Frost focuses on the certain moment, he actually calls up an entire day, the whole year, even lifetime, and all the human history.

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There are used many pastoral and figurative language in this poem, in order to show vivid imagery, “nature’s first green is gold”. Here alliteration and imagery are used to show an opening line of vibrancy that would appeal to readers. There are used deep and strong language styles in order to express the feeling of sadness in nature, and such words as “subsides” and “grief” are used instead of the words like unhappiness, etc.

In general the poet has successfully imparted a very significant and meaningful message with the usage of lush and vibrant imagery.

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