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Free «Be Cool» Essay Sample

Kindness can be defined as being cool and considerate towards other people. It is a crucial virtue in any society as it ensures peaceful mutual relations among people thus promoting tranquility in a society. Tranquility ensures proper development based on innovativeness and understandings among the societal members. It is, therefore, a fact to affirm that kindness pays, in the collective or communal aspect. It kills the unnecessary egocentrism and selfishness replacing it with the communal attitude. This essay aims at providing a cogent and succinct analysis of the topic being cool in relation to believing in parents. The essay also takes into consideration the guidelines provided.

To begin with, the author, Merrill, mainly focuses on the inevitability of change in our lives. He lucidly describes how human life has metamorphosed to keep in pace with the current trends, possibly the technology. People have changed their old ways of life and embraced the new ones. This change has created some negative aspects in human lives. Most people, according to the author, have abandoned the expected communal lifestyles and adopted the perilous self or individual based activities aiming at benefitting themselves. As understood, combined effort is the leeway to a societal progress; societies with people of such characters definitely fail to develop. The other effect of this is psychological-related disorders which have become rampant among the societies’ productive population. Many people are pursuing various professional goals at the expense of their family welfares. He adds that everyone has experienced change or anything that challenged their being cool character. Furthermore, Merrill says that it is how we handle change or challenges in our lives that matters: it is about how we do it and not what we do. The whole idea that the author presents is all about having positive minds in our lives accepting and handling everything in the coolest way without necessarily offending others or interfering with their daily activities.

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Throughout my life, I have always thought that everything can be wrought up to our attitude towards it and that as long as our minds are set up to achieve certain things, we can be sure to achieve them. Being optimistic about life gives room for our belief in achievable things.

My life has always been filled by people who inspire me most and keep on encouraging me to have faith in the good outcome of everything. I have always had that belief and in most occasions, it worked out for me. However, sometimes, my positive mind has been challenged by circumstances especially when things did not seem to be working out no matter how hard I tried.

As a normal person, going through the essay, “Be Cool”, one idea that captures my attention is the author’s assertion that being cool pays. I also believe that parents can play a very big role in instilling the tendency of having positive minds to their children. Once a psychologist argued that when a child is born, the brain looks like an empty vessel whose use depends on what is poured inside. Parents are charged with the crucial role of instilling appropriate or relevant traits in their kid’s lives. They also live exemplary lives allowing their kids to adopt only good characters necessary for their living. Besides, parents are also responsible for the provision of education to their kids. They do ensure that a child only associate with people who are of good characters, that is, those who can instill good behaviors in their kids’ lives. It is thus arguably true that parents directly or indirectly instill the being cool character into their children’s lives. They, therefore, serve as crucial promoters of development within many societies.

From the above illustrations, it is clearly true that being cool, as a character in a person, means a lot to the entire society. Parents play a pivotal role when it comes to nurturing the being cool character and behaviors in their kids. They do it with enough altruism ensuring the development of communal-oriented and selfless citizens.

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