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Wuthering Heights Series

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Free «Wuthering Heights Series» Essay Sample

“Wuthering Heights” is the only novel and the most famous work by Emily Bronte. It has a typical plot, where the innovative use of multiple narrators and attention to detail of rural life is combined with the romantic interpretation of natural phenomena, and striking imagery. “Wuthering Heights” is one of the late romantic and classical works of the literature of the Victorian Age. Gloomy heath in North Yorkshire and a hurricane that bands trees provide a backdrop for the development of a genuine tragedy in the Greek sense of the word. The tension in the novel inexorably increases as the reader approaches the tragic outcome. Uncontrollable passion and devastating acts of the characters are regarded as a consequence not that much of their conscious decisions, but more of evil fate turning against them. Typically, in a classical English novel the plot, unfortunately, does not have a happy ending. The novel is a devil’s book, inconceivable monster, bringing together all the most powerful female tendencies. The book reveals that in the knowledge of evil Emily Bronte perished. Emily Bronte put into Heathcliff her whole self. She gave him her frantic rage, violent passion, her repression of sexuality, her passionate unquenchable love, her jealousy, her hatred of and contempt for the human race, and her brutality. The spirit of romanticism was truly embodied in Yorkshire wasteland in the work of Emily Bronte, videlicet in her novel “Wuthering Heights.” Heathcliff, who digs up the grave of Catherine to find peace with her in death, as well as Hareton Earnshaw and Catherine Linton are the characters, whose personalities are full of passion; these characters alongside with the heather expanses of understated beauty are the typical illustrations of the spirit of romanticism. The book is not just another love story, but a much deeper work. It is the idea that behind the manifestation of human nature are the forces that elevate it to the pedestal of greatness which puts Emily Bronte’s novel in a special, prominent place among other novels like it.

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