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Apple Computer Inc

Apple Computer Inc. is an American corporation that specializes in manufacturing of highly qualitative personal and tablet computers, music players (I-tunes), I-phones, the special software and operation system. This company was one of pioneers in the field of personal computers. It has designed the modern multitasking operating system with a graphical interface. Apple has established a unique reputation that can be compared with the cult due to innovative technologies and…

Aviation Business

Management is a very important aspect of an organisation; this is because management is actually what makes the organisation function as a whole. Armstrong (2001) describes management as the act of coordinating all of the resources of an organisation in such a manner as to ensure that the organisation as a whole is able to function effectively towards the attainment of its goals and objectives.  This therefore implies that without…

Balance of Power Between Management and Employees at Wal-Mart

Introduction There have been the concerns on the nature of a protocol for decision making in organizations. It has also been difficult to determine whether to implement the ideas from employees or those from their seniors. These difficulties have been experienced in a number of companies operating both locally and internationally. The uncertainty of whether to rely on the ideas of employees or management has been extensively experienced in Wal-Mart.…

British Petroleum

British Petroleum (BP) has survived for many decades even with the changes in mix assets and people over time. This is because there is no fixed territory or population for a given company or business. Companies change what they do and over time, they evolve to form a different form from what the founders of such companies did years back. This is because individuals join companies based on rewards and…

Business Analysis

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are among the important business decisions that company CEOs are expected to make in the process of making their companies profitable. However, it is important to analyze several factors that can influence the rationale for implementation of mergers and acquisitions between two companies. Among these factors is the historical analysis of the two companies to ascertain the past performance of each company and thereby have a…

Business and Engineering Ethics

Abstract In every profession, there are guidelines and rules that are always put. These are always supposed to offer the directions that are to be followed by the specific members of that profession. Ethics are always very important in shaping the way professionals carry out themselves in their lines of duty and beyond. Professional ethics of conduct are always vital in the achievement of decency and standard in the various…

Business Case Analysis

Introduction The objective is aimed at establishing whether a company is more fiscally sound and can create more revenues. This can be achieved by subjecting the company up to analysis, and evaluate its competitors, so as to be able to make a knowledgeable decision to ensure that investments have worth and value. In the past few years, and particularly subsequent to the latest stock market crash, it has been increasingly…

Business Ethics

The dynamic nature of the contemporary business environment has led to managers and specialists to develop policies and guidelines that highlight the expected behaviors and contact between and among different people in a business environment. Business ethics is mainly concerned with the study of potentially controversial issues which may arise in the course of doing business such as insider trading, bribery, corporate social responsibility, and governance among other disciplines. Business…

Business Issues

How to Solve the Circumvention of Company-Defined Service Parameters in Accommodation of Customer Delivery Exception Requests. The company needs to have strategies in place to meet the customer delivery requests without circumventing the existing service parameters. The company should deal with request variability in order to make service offering profitable. The company should have a strict policy for customer delivery (Fogli 32). The managers of the Company ought to make…

Case Study

Q1 The business environment, consumer preferences and needs are subject to continuous change. Therefore, business must adapt these changes in their business and organizational practices in order to remain relevant and competitive in their respective markets. Change can be influenced by social, economic or technological factors (Cameron & Green, 2012). They impact businesses through changing their consumer behaviors. The old management at JATA Limited has remained rigid in their business…

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