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JD Sports Marketing Strategy

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Free «JD Sports Marketing Strategy» Essay Sample

JD Sports is one of the companies based in England that have dominated in the marketing of clothing, sportswear, footwear and accessories (Casadei, 2010). Most of the products marketed by JD Sport aim at satisfying customers’ dressing interests. One of the company’s products is footwear. The company ensures that the footwear products suit the lifestyle. JD Sport footwear ensures that they use “Power Brands” such as Nike, Adidas and Jordan. The products are also supplied across the world and also successful incorporation of recycling cardboard. These strategies enable the company to secure a secure market share. JD Sport embraces a pricing strategy that matches the commodity quality with its price (Gallagher, 2011). Footwear products have a pricing penetration and competitive pricing that consummately valued. When it comes to placing footwear products, JD Company places them at high street, at shopping centers and also e-commerce. Finally, promotion strategies incorporate both above and below the line approach (Manktelow & Carlson, 2011). The media form a critical avenue for the promotion as well as sponsorship.

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Bulk buying is exuberantly employed in JD Company. This helps the company cuts down the cost of packaging, distribution and advertising (Datamonitor, 2009). On the same footing, the company is reaps huge profits gained from collective discount which is highly favorable from companies perspective than offering discount on single items.

The three main pricing strategies employed by JD Sport Company include market penetration, strategic pricing and competitive pricing. Market penetration allow as the company to stage a price for their products, which leads to an increased market share. Competitive strategy enables the company to maintain high prices for its products, which matches those of competitors. Strategic pricing aims at displaying the product as the best choices due to added value, quality and desirability. Consequently, company manages to edge out the competitors strategically.

Promotion enables the company to reach out to a large number of potential customers and strengthening the loyalty of its customers (Thompson, 2008). Through promoting JD manages to expand the scales of its customers. Moreover, noting the level of competition of products marketed by JD Company, strategies to isolate the brand and distinguish it from the others is crucial (Utalk, 2012). Customers need to be informed on any new products in the market to avoid consumer spill off to the competitors. 

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