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Competitive strategies

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Free «Competitive strategies» Essay Sample

Samsung and Apple are multinational companies that design and make products such as mobile phones, laptops, and iPods. These two companies operate in a very competitive market. This has necessitated the need to come up with strategies that are to make the companies be at competitive edge in the market. These firms have been at the forefront of incorporating new technological innovations in their gadgets to attract and retain customers. On the other hand, retailers of products from these companies have adopted different strategies to gain competitive advantage. This research paper will evaluate various strategies that Apple and Samsung retailers have adopted to gain competitive advantage.

Retailers selling products from the two companies find it important to open several stores in each city. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that many people are able to access their products from different points. By this, such retailers are able to maximize their sales in that more people buy from different shops owned by one retailer. Increased profits make such retailer to be at a competitive edge.

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Display is a common feature of retailers selling Samsung and Apple products. These displays indicate the price and all features that these items have. Customers are able to get the information they need about item being sold by just looking at the displayed information. Retailers who display information about the products they sell make more sales because the information may compel customers to buy the products even though they had not planned to do so.

Retailers also use internet to market their products. Through blogs, twitter, and face book, retailers give the potential buyers details of the products they sell. They also direct these customers to specific stores where they can buy these products. Some retailers also allow customers to order what they need online and the product is then delivered. This method has the advantage of capturing customers from different regions.

From the research, it can be seen that all strategies adapted by Samsung and Apple retailers aim at increasing the number of customers who seek to buy products from their stores. Increase in sales lead to higher profits. In the process, customer loyalty is promoted and the results are that these retailers gain competitive advantage in the market they operate. Competitive advantage is important for the success of any business.

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