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Learning Team Collaboration: Using Technology to Focus on the Customer

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Free «Learning Team Collaboration: Using Technology to Focus on the Customer» Essay Sample

Section 1

The sphere of business is constantly evolving and it changes the way organizations perform their activities. In fact, different companies use various technology innovations to suit specific customer’s needs, thus, avoiding competition. This part of the paper will dwell on a mobile app ordering system, the ways to attract customers to the app, as well as the preferred mobile operating system and software for the discussed application.

It is possible to attract new and current customers to the mobile app by using social media, as well as by adding sharing buttons. It is caused by the fact that individuals are unlikely to share the website’s content. As a result, it is important to use sharing buttons, which makes it easy for others to share information (Buttle & Maklan, 2015). Similarly, the mobile app can attract more visitors when social sharing buttons are added to the company’s blog posts. In addition, one can also use social media to answer questions and provide helpful information to people asking questions online. It will ensure that customers receive relevant and updated information pertinent to the application, while it is also likely they will involve their friends, thus, attracting new customers. Besides, social media is one of the best feedback tools as the app designers and owners receive sincere feedbacks from the audience and customers, thus, finding out more about the target population. Such information can be used for the improvement of the mobile application in order to attract more customers (Solomon, 2012).

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The recommendable mobile operating systems for the app are Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry. Using such operating systems will ensure the mobile application is accessible to the users with different mobile devices, such as Android phones, iPhones, blackberries and window phones. In addition, the system will be designed using a software that runs on all phones. It will ensure that developers will be able to improve the application easily, as well as address any shortcomings or complaints that may stem from the consumers of different operating systems.

The creation of a mobile application can be effective in attracting a larger market share as it prevents the loss of customers to competitors. However, the application will require operating systems that will ensure its accessibility from different mobile operators. Such strategy will ensure that all customers experience the benefits of the application.

Section 2

Companies can take advantage of the technology development and operate without the formal brick and mortar establishments. It is caused by the emergence of e-commerce, where different organizations can advertise their products through online platforms, such as eBay and Amazon. This section of the paper will describe a small business and substantiate on the advantages and risks of various e-commerce websites, as well as provide recommendations on how to drive customers to these sites. It will also culminate in a decision regarding which website is the best for the given purpose.

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The company is a small business that specializes in interior, industrial, as well as graphic designs. The company has been experiencing growth as the value of its product is determined by a function of appearance and design. Therefore, one is guaranteed higher returns, if he/she pays more attention to the designs in order to develop exemplary pieces. Besides, the company also decorates homes in varying architectural styles by giving them a new look. Other services include the creation of schemes for exhibitions, shops, and restaurants. The owner considers the use of either eBay, Amazon, Etsy or Facebook as opposed to creating own website.

The advantage of using eBay is the seller and buyer protection that offers safety in the event of a problematic buyer. Moreover, the clients are likely to use this site, if they are guaranteed of less risks of being cheated, which will be advantageous to the seller (Buttle & Maklan, 2015). The risk of using this site is that it offers less flexibility as it has a limit in the words to be used. Therefore, it becomes difficult to sell items that are not keyword-driven or ready for interest. Besides, it does not allow for cross marketing to other platforms. A seller can increase traffic to his/her listings on eBay by creating a blog related to the store and the products the company sells.

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The advantage of using Amazon is that it has a great number of customers and the seller does not have to worry about search engine optimization. In addition, Amazon has flexible pricing, which utilizes tools, such as intelligent re-pricing system. The risk of using Amazon is that it necessitates for product differentiation as the seller is competing with other sellers globally. Moreover, there might be price battles when there are several providers of the same product. One can attract customers to this site by using key words that attract page views.

The advantage of using Etsy is that it allows for the sale of digital and downloadable products, which can be useful in selling different designs (Solomon, 2012). Etsy is also user-friendly. However, the site does not allow using HTML, thus, making it difficult to customize shops and listings. The seller can drive customers to this site by refreshing their starting page, focusing on photography and sharpening the writing. The advantage of using Facebook is that it has many users and can provide the seller with the contacts that can help expand the business. The site also allows users to feature longer advertisements as it does not have a text limit. However, the risk is that it can be difficult to catch people’s attention. Competition levels are also high. One can increase traffic on the Facebook page by promoting it on other social networks. In regards to selling products to a business, it would not be recommendable to use Facebook as it is a social network and not an electronic commerce site. Therefore, Facebook can only serve the purpose of advertising but not selling as it lacks necessary regulations. Moreover, a seller might encounter an unscrupulous traders or buyers with ill motives.

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