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Integrating Social Commerce in e-Commerce

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Free «Integrating Social Commerce in e-Commerce» Essay Sample

Social commerce refers to the interaction of individuals, businessmen and relatives in an online platform with the aims of purchasing and selling products and services availed online (Pappas, 2012). The concept has gained popularity with the ever growing social media community. E-commerce, on the other hand, involves buying and selling online. Technological advancement has promoted internet usage, consequently making it possible to expand customers’ coverage, thus boosting sales. This has staged in a stiff competition in terms of marketing and promotion. The availability of product online, for display and purchase, has exacerbated pressure from business win customers loyalty and establish brand equity (Blodget & Cocotas, 2013). Social media has been demonstrated as the sites with largest trafficking. Therefore, seizing this opportunity to reach out to potential customers is a crucial adventure in the business arena.

Social commerce is can successfully promote e-commerce when consummately integrated. Most of the Social Medias are used to propagate information around a clique of friends or relatives. The scope of these interconnections is way beyond containment and information shared spread  first. These sites are also importance in offering advice, recommendations, referrals and reviews of the available products.  Therefore, e-commerce stand a better chance to benefit from these sharings; thus witness accelerated online sales. In addition, promotion and advertisement are excels in avenues where message propagation is enhanced. E-Commerce can be expanded through people influencing each other online regarding buying or selling of products (Pappas, 2012). Through social commerce, individuals learn of a new site for purchasing products, new online products and services, and the favorable qualities and prices. It should be noted that the social commerce may also lead to negative influence on a product; thus an impediment to e-commerce (Blodget & Cocotas, 2013). The fact that information is shared between friends, negative comments may be taken for truth.

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In conclusion, proper integration of social commerce has a magnificent opportunity to promote e-commerce. This can be achieved on the ground that social commerce will enhance recommendation and referrals of prospective customers, thereby increasing the scale of e-commerce worldwide.

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