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Free «Business Issues» Essay Sample

How to Solve the Circumvention of Company-Defined Service Parameters in Accommodation of Customer Delivery Exception Requests.

The company needs to have strategies in place to meet the customer delivery requests without circumventing the existing service parameters. The company should deal with request variability in order to make service offering profitable.

The company should have a strict policy for customer delivery (Fogli 32). The managers of the Company ought to make sure that the policy is adhered to the later. The policy should state that no order will be delivered beyond the regular delivery schedules of the company. This policy will ensure that there are no deliveries to customers that circumvent the normal service parameters.

Another strategy would be to avoid delivering orders to the customer that may lead to sidestepping of the existing service parameters. The company should not provide services to the customer if it will have to side-step its service parameters. The customers should learn to work with the existing service parameters of the company.

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Also, the managers of the company should listen to the views of its customers. They should hear what the customers think will be the best time to deliver their orders. Through open communication between customers and the company, there will be no circumventing of service parameters of the company.

How to Solve The Frequent Mismatches Between Product Demand And Inventory Invariability

Firstly, the managers of the company should identify what causes the mismatches between product demand and inventory invariability. After establishing the causes, the company should formulate and implement strategies to correct this mismatch.

The main solution is for the company to have adequate inventory that can meet any urgent demand by the customers. Hence, the company should establish the type of products customers are likely to request and store them in plenty.

The operations manager of the company should monitor the levels of the inventory on a regular basis. This will enable him to note a shortage of inventory and take considerable measures to solve this deficit. This will prevent the problem of mismatch between supply and demand from happening.

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The company should avoid using manufacturing requirement planning (MRP) system. Studies have shown that this system leads to the mismatch between supply and demand. However, the company should use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage the relationship between the suppliers and the company. The system will also help the company manage the relationship between customers and the company (Mike & Manrodt 28).

The managers of the company should forecast the level of demand in the market. This will give a rough estimate of products needed by customers. Hence, the company can focus on having inventory that will meet this level of demand at any time. Ultimately, the company will be able to have a framework that aligns demand with supply chain operations.

How to Eliminate Inefficiencies Resulting From the Atlas Company’s Service To Customers Based On Request Rather Than Need Or Qualification

The inefficiencies of customer delivery process of the company should be reduced at all cost. The failure to eliminate these efficiencies in customer service will impose a large cost to the organisation. The costs that result from these inefficiencies are hidden costs and obvious costs. The obvious costs are a result of employees being requested to handle repeat work while hidden costs are indirectly associated with inefficiencies in customer service (McLean-conner 39).

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The company should train experienced and new team members on handling of customers. The team members will service their customers dependably once they are well-informed about their internal customers.

Atlas Company should provide service to the customers based on only qualification and need. However, it should avoid providing service to the customer based on requests. In doing so, the company will be greatly reducing its inefficiencies.

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