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Operating Systems for a Business

Buy custom Operating Systems for a Business essay

A business operating system enables an organization to comprehend all means of running the operations. Before deciding on the best operating system in a business, there are several considerations that should be made. First of all, before selecting an operating system in a business, one should ensure that the operating system being selected supports fully the requirements of the end user. This raises the question of compatibility. There are different types of businesses ranging from small to large businesses (Azad, 2008). A business should consider selecting an operating system that supports the requirements of the customers. Does the operating system support all applications that are run? In answering this question, the functionality and security for the needs of the customers should be considered. The other relevant question is whether there are sufficient hardware resources to support the operating system. Different operating systems have different hardware requirements and specifications. Before deciding on the appropriate operating system, a business should consider the specifications of the basic items such as memory, disk space, processors and peripheral devices such as removable storage, scanners and sound cards among others (Cox, 1995).

Is there appropriate human resource necessary to operate the system? An organization should consider whether the available employees will be able to operate the new system or not. If not, there should be an arrangement on how they will be trained to handle the new operating system. Is the operating system secure? The issue of security should be considered before choosing an operating system. There will be crucial information in this system hence there is need to consider the protection of such information. The other consideration is the business environment. A business may decide to limit the support of one operating system hence disallow or discourage installation of other operating systems. The availability of technical support should also be considered before making a decision on the operating system (Hugos & Hulitzky, 2011). 

Buy custom Operating Systems for a Business essay

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