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Category: Medicine


Introduction The term heart failure appears numerously in medical contexts and in the practice of healthcare. The real meaning of the term heart fail...
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Application Assignment 3: Policy Analysis

Part 1: Definition of the Policy Issue The policy issue that is discussed in this paper is the provision of affordable health care insurance for the ...
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Making the Case for Evidence-Based Practice

Introduction At the current moment, the issue of patients’ falls in hospitals becomes rather significant, because it constitutes an apparent life-...
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“Patient’s Cells Deployed to Attack Aggressive Cancer”:Article Summary

The current paper examines the article “Patient’s Cells Deployed to Attack Aggressive Cancer” by Denise Grady (2014). The author dem...
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Health & Medicine: PASS Placement

I have chosen PASS placement for practice my assessment skills. In this regard, I have attended five out of six sessions. Many reasons guided me to ch...
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Escherichia Coli Bacterium

Introduction Escherichia coli bacterium is a facultative anaerobe that is gram negative microbe. This means that a cell wall is made up of a peptidogl...
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Non-Human Primates Should be Used in Medical Testing

Introduction Each year approximately 100,000 apes and monkeys are used for biomedical research globally. They possess similar genetics as human beings...
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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is the disorder of central nervous system that is caused by death of dopamine-cells in the brain. The reason why these cells...
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Evidence-Based Practice Proposal – Section C: Literature Support

Healthcare in the 21st century has been influenced greatly by evidence-based practices. Clinicians and nurses use evidence-based practices to carry ou...
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Code of Ethics

The psychologist’s code of conduct was adopted to regulate the performance of practitioners’ duties in the field of mental health counsell...
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Sleep is vital for refreshing the brain and giving the body cells a rest. The imperativeness of sleep is most vividly described by the experiences of ...
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Executive Functioning in Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction Alzheimer’s disease is described as a degenerative disorder that results in profound memory loss and impairment of a number of brai...
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