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Cultural Importance in Health Care

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Free «Cultural Importance in Health Care» Essay Sample

People from different cultures are supposed to have diversities and that should be taken into consideration by doctors and medical staff members. Any health care provider should treat their patients with respect regardless of their race, culture and background.

The main aim of health care providers is to make patients feel comfortable during their interaction. People from different cultures are part of the diverse American society. All of them have their own values, beliefs, way of life and customs that are supposed to be respected by health care providers. If the patient can trust the doctor, he will then more certainly continue the treatment. In today`s diverse society it is important to understand cultural importance in health care in order to avoid gaps, conflicts and various barriers. Doctors have to find out proper solutions, while treating their patients. It is known that the perception of diseases varies by culture. For example, Islamic culture does not allow anyone, who is not an immediate family member, to touch a woman. In this situation, it is important for the doctor to know about this and try to find a solution. Another practice shows that people, who do not eat pork, cannot take medicine consisting pork ingredients, such as insulin, for instance. Thus, the doctor must inform the patient about the ingredients of the medicine before prescribing it to him. From the examples given above, it can be clear that in order to be more sensitive to the needs of the patients from the different cultural groups, doctors have to be well-trained not only professionally, but also they are prone to learn some cultural diversities of people living in the USA. By doing so, they will  have more patients.

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It is, therefore, obvious that without the proper knowledge of different cultures, health care providers cannot work effectively and professionally. Cultural diversities in health care affect the approaches to the treatment.

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