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Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is the disorder of central nervous system that is caused by death of dopamine-cells in the brain. The reason why these cells die is unknown, but today, this disease can be cured by the means of modern approaches and medicines. Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in treatment of Parkinson’s disease today. The development of new drugs gave an opportunity to improve the life of people who suffer from this disease. In medicine, two main approaches are used to treat people. The first approach targets at the improvement of symptoms, while the second approach slows the loss of dopamine in brain. As a rule, patients with Parkinson’s disease are treated with medicines; however, if this method does not work, one may provide the surgical treatment. Today Parkinson’s disease is treated, using various methods and medicines; hence, it is necessary to determine which of them are effective and which have even the negative consequences on human organism.

The treatment of Parkinson’s disease should be provided as early as possible because it has a significant impact on the duration of treatment course. Moreover, if the illness is only suspected, one should ask the consultation of doctors who passed special trainings of treating the Parkinson’s disease.

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease is provided by using such drugs as levodopa, the most common drug that helps to control the symptoms of the disease. Besides, dopamine agonists activate the dopamine receptor, in other words, they perform the function of dopamine in the organism. Symmetrel is prescribed for people who have the medium level of Parkinson’s disease; the medicine reduces the involuntary movements and anticholinergics, which restore the balance between dopamine and acetylcholine, reducing acetylcholine (Lee, Lin, Wu, Lin, Chang, & Lai, 2014).

The negative aspect of treatment can be divided into two parts. The first part is that the treatment was started too late and the medicine does not provide the necessary effect. The second part is the medicine that besides the curing of the illness has negative symptoms. These symptoms are usually the reaction of human organism to treatment. Thus, every case is individual and not all symptoms are always present. Nevertheless, one may outline such problems as sleepiness, swelling, hallucinations, and compulsive behaviors such as eating, gambling, or even hypersexuality (Sarikaya, Yoldas, & Yavasoglu, 2014).

Parkinson’s disease is difficult to determine, but the latest researchers have a made a step forward to overcome this difficulty. They have developed a new smartphone application that acts like a pocket doctor. This application helps to analyze the earliest changes that occur in speech and movement. Every 20 microseconds, the apps gather information about the changes in a person’s organism who is suspected to have Parkinson’s disease (Van Andel, 2014). This innovation is very helpful to determine the first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and schedule visit to a doctor if the symptoms are detected.

Today, some researchers have one question about Parkinson’s disease and it sounds like “if people live enough, they all get Parkinson disease”. Dr. Guarente says that today it is difficult to give a certain answer to this question because there are not many centenarians, people who live over one hundred years. However, he believes that this statement is quite correct. The reason of Parkinson’s diseases is the lack of dopamine in the brain. If people live for 120 or 150 years, the organism will be too exhausted and the lack of dopamine will not be a disorder, but a logical result of body aging. Hence, he suggests that if people live for more than 120 years, 99 percent of them will experience Parkinson’s disease. However, Dr. Guarente also believes that there will be a category of people who will have immunity against this disease.

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To sum up it can be said that the new methods of curing Parkinson’s disease have made this disorder easier to overcome for those people who suffer from it. Despite the fact that researchers did not find a cure that could treat from it, the modern medications and procedures make the symptoms less significant and let people live the full life.

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