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Healthy Eating

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Free «Healthy Eating» Essay Sample

The food we consume is useful to our bodies. We are what we eat. One’s health depends on the food one consumes. The variety of foods nowadays lures people to eat more and makes them forget about the consequences. We cannot buy health just as we buy food. . In order to stay healthy, first, people must decide of what they eat (Willett et al, 105).

The Benefits of Eating

  • Consuming healthy food is a guarantee of staying fit.
  • Healthy eating insures against digestion problems such as the gastro esophageal reflux and constipation due to absence of dietary fiber and this might lead to diverticular disease.
  • Healthy food is rich in vitamins A, C and D that help one’s skin, hair, nails, and teeth to stay healthy and beautiful. The vitamins help to keep the bones strong. They ensure our softs are soft.
  • All foods can be divided into proteins such as eggs, milk, chicken and pork, carbohydrates such as vegetables, oats, yams, potatoes, and brown rice and vegetables. When a person understands what he or she consumes, the problem of “what do I want to eat from my refrigerator” falls away.

Consuming food at the same time and in proper amounts, especially combined with moderate physical exercises, helps to MAINTAIN weight that his proportional to the body and that makes him active. One should exercise in the gym daily or running early in the morning to avoid fat accumulation. 

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Drinking Habits

An adult requires 3.7 liters per day while a child requires 1.5 liters of water daily (Willett et al, 98). Thus, it is essential for people to drink a lot of water every day. The water must be clean and boiled. It is extremely healthy to drink melted water that makes our body cool down and maintain the right temperature. Fruit juices are rich in vitamins A, C, D, and B12. The fruits include oranges, bananas, guavas, avocado, papayas, and citrus fruits. Vegetable juices are useful as well as fruit juices ((Davies et al, 123).

  • Milk contains nutrients and can assuage hunger.
  • Sour milk is an unfailing companion of good digestion. It will make one’s stomach stay healthy. It is considered to be extremely healthy to drink sour milk before going to sleep. Therefore, sour milk should become an evening snack.
  • Sodas must be excluded from one’s daily ratio. Their impact on one’s health is truly harmful. Moreover, they contribute to weight-gaining.
  • Drinking alcohol must be excluded as well. If one cannot give up alcohol at all, it is permitted to drink red wine in small amounts.

Boosting Brain Activity

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Glucose helps human brains to work more strenuously. It is better to consume products that naturally contain glucose (Davies et al, 210). Glucose comes from vegetable, grains, fruits, dairy products and refined sugars. Chocolate made of cocoa beans also improves the process of thinking. Chocolate is believed to have a good impact on one’s mood. Fruits also contain glucose and various useful vitamins (Davies et al, 25).

  • Walnuts bear a strong resemblance to human’s brains. No wonder that they nourish brain cells and stimulate brain activity. Moreover, they improve memory. One should eat at least 5 walnuts per day. Other kinds of nuts enhance brain activity too.
  • Lemons improve the mental condition and memory and help to concentrate one’s attention. It is reasonable to eat a piece of lemon during a studying process. 
  • Fat sorts of fish contain vitamins A, D, E, phosphorus, and magnesium which are important for the high brain activity.

The Canadian Food Guide

  • It is recommended to eat 4-6 vegetables and fruits for children, 7-8 of those for teenagers, and 7-10 for adults per day.
  • Grain products should be consumed in the amount of 3-6 kinds for children, 6-7 kinds for teenagers, and 6-8 kinds for adults per day.
  • As to milk products, it is recommended that daily children’s nutrition included 2-4 kinds, teenager’s should have 3-4 kinds in their daily ratio, and adults should consume 2-3 kinds per day.
  • Meat products should include 1-2 kinds per day for children, 2-3 kinds for teenagers and adults.


Eating and drinking habits of a person directly affect his or her health. It is important to keep to the healthy daily ratio not only for the Canadians, but also for everyone. Healthy food and drinks help to stay fit and to lose weight. They improve one’s brain activity and memory. Moreover, they can raise one’s mood. Healthy nation is a way to prosperous living; therefore, it is necessary to eat healthy food.

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