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Category: Justice

Police Misconduct

Over the recent years, the number of cases of police misconduct has significantly increased. Every year, the citizens of the United States plead guilt...
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Criminology Theories and Sentencing Models

Criminal perspectives play a critical role in explaining the various aspects of criminals and significantly contribute to the shaping of the criminal ...
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Casey Anthony Trial

The Casey Anthony trial of 2011 is a murder case in which 25-year-old Casey Marie Anthony was charged for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee...
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Restorative Justice

The principles of restorative justice programs on criminal justice have been specified in the Resolution of the General Assembly at its thirty-seventh...
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Socrates’ Argument: Life of the Just

In The Republic, Book I by Plato, Socrates is ambitiously set on showing and proving that just people are happier than unjust ones. Despite Socrates&r...
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The Law in the United Kingdom

Question 1 a. A law is a framework/system of legislations that compel people to conduct themselves in a particular manner, whereas the violation ...
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Federal Regulations: Equal Pay Act

Introduction Employment discrimination takes many forms, but it always involves different attitude towards people due to their distinctive features, l...
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Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Employment-at-will doctrine refers to the assumption that employment is a phenomenon that exists for an indefinite time-period and may be ceased both ...
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Securities Law

Securities and Exchange Commission plays a very significant role in providing necessary information concerning the nature and type of securities that ...
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The Criminal Justice Organizations as a Part of Our Life

I believe that administration is a difficult endeavor. I have always felt that someone in the position of power is the most responsible for the situat...
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A Suicidal Teenager

Introduction This paper seeks to highlight a suicidal case study involving a 17-year-old teenager named Frank who made the shocking suicidal revelatio...
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Dutch Court Controversy

According to the writer, a Hague based court acquitted a student who was charged with hacking of a router. As the judge said, breaking Wi-Fi or piggyb...
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