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A Suicidal Teenager

Introduction This paper seeks to highlight a suicidal case study involving a 17-year-old teenager named Frank who made the shocking suicidal revelations to a counselor. From the conversation that Frank had with his counselor, we learn that he never had good relationship with his parents. He is an introvert who is socially withdrawn from the rest of the world and bitterly irritated with his parents. Besides, recently Frank’s girlfriend broke…

Amanda Howard Internet Case

Introduction The computer revolution has led to discovery of internet, a platform, where one can meet new people through the chat sites; thus, facilitating a creation of the new friendships with others, as well as sharing and exchanging his or her ideas. The main problem with this is that one is not well aware, who the person they have interacted with on the other side is. Internet may seem a…

Bill of Rights in Australia

Human rights have risen to occupy an important position within societies in the 21st century. However, debate rages in Australia whether the bill of rights should be adopted or not. Equally, an issue whether the bill of rights should be modeled along the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 has also drawn concerns in the country. In this paper, arguments in favor and against the adoption of the…

Casey Anthony Trial

The Casey Anthony trial of 2011 is a murder case in which 25-year-old Casey Marie Anthony was charged for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony in Orlando, Florida. The case was reported by Caylee’s maternal grandparent Cindy Anthony who had noted not seeing Caylee for almost a month. Although Casey had given false statements regarding the disappearance of her daughter, she was openly charged with first-degree murder…

Contemporary Cultural Diversity

The criminal justice system’s response to the public’s perception of ethnic and gender bias a) Final report of Pennsylvania Supreme court committee on racial and gender bias in the justice system In the month of October 15 1999, the Pennsylvanian Supreme Court had an appointment of a committee with a mandate of undertaking a study across the state court system in order to determine on whether racial or the gender…

Crime Reduction in New York City

From time immemorial, Manhattan Institute has always taken a special interest in cities as well as their citizens. Two of these cities are Detroit and New York. The film, Manhattan Institute Video on crime Reduction in the New York City describes succinctly the ways and methods appropriate for the reduction of crimes within the New York City, a city that had suffered insecurity for a very long time from 1970s…

Death Penalty

One of the most disturbing ethical problems affecting each society and each country is the question of death penalty. There has been plentiful debate on the matter. In some jurisdictions it is in effect, in others it is forbidden or replaced by lifetime imprisonment. However, from the ethical perspective it is still under discussion. At the end of the 18th century Immanuel Kant clearly expressed his view on crime and…

Debt and Indebtedness: Dienst and McClanahan Compared

This paper compares and contrasts the views of Dienst and McClanahan on debt and indebtedness. The paper also highlights personal views how a key concept is at work in relation to the readings. In the conception of debt and indebtedness Dienst and McClanahan have presented disparate and dissimilar views on how societies are molded through social and political strata. The two argue that debt is definitely a means of socialization…

Dutch Court Controversy

According to the writer, a Hague based court acquitted a student who was charged with hacking of a router. As the judge said, breaking Wi-Fi or piggybacking on an open Wi-Fi network does not contravene the constitution of the Netherlands. The judge, on the basis of the constitutional provisions, acquitted the student. He argued that according to the Netherlands’ constitution, hacking a computer, and not a router, is an offense.…

Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Employment-at-will doctrine refers to the assumption that employment is a phenomenon that exists for an indefinite time-period and may be ceased both by an employee or an employer. This approach is used by courts in order to interpret employment relationships. Given the uneven bargaining control between employers and employees, the doctrine is believed to produce excessively harsh results. An employer has the right to fire an employee at any time…

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