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Free «Governement» Essay Sample

In order for the bill to become a law, several steps should be followed. This approach is common for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. First and foremost, the bill is drafted, and then, the draft is forwarded to the committees which, in their turn, allocate them between specialized subcommittees.  After the committee hearing has been completed, the draft is reported by the speaker for the committee during the general meeting in the Congress. The second step is the debates where the competing political forces aspire to incorporate the amendments into the draft, which reflect their political affiliations. Lobbying often accompanies the first two stages. Then, if the final draft of the document is approved by the majority of the Congressmen, the bill is forwarded to the President who may either sign it or veto depending on the nature of the bill. If the bill is signed, it becomes a law. The vetoed instrument is forwarded back to the Congress where it is re-considered with the accent made on the remarks of the President.

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The President can be impeached in the cases of conviction for bribe, treason, and other high criminal offences and misdemeanors.  The procedure is initiated by the majority of the House of Representatives, while the trial itself is conducted by the Senate that wields the sole power to try the Presidents of the United States of America. The removal of the impeached President is automatic after he has been declared guilty by the Senate.

The major difference between the United States’ system of government and State of Texas’ government is that the government of Texas is plural while, on the federal level, the government is unilateral. The primary distinguishing feature of Texas is that all key executive figures are chosen by the electorate independently while, on the federal level, they are appointed by the US President. In Texas, the elected officials are answerable before the electorate and can be revoked by them under the Texas Constitution. Overall, the President of the United States has broader executive powers than the governor of Texas as he appoints his associates but not the voters. 

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