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Securities Law

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Free «Securities Law» Essay Sample

Securities and Exchange Commission plays a very significant role in providing necessary information concerning the nature and type of securities that are on offer. The Securities and Exchange Commission has some regulations concerning listing of shares or securities to the stock exchange. These regulations vary, depending on whether the organization is a profit making or a nonprofit organization (United States, 2003).

In this case, it is a nonprofit organization. The organization does not need to list its offer on the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Securities Act of 1933 provides exemptions for securities that are not for profit organization (United States, 2003). The exemption applies to organizations dealing with education, religious and humanitarian services. Since this organization deals with education, they fall under the category of organizations that benefit from the exemption as provided by Securities Act of 1933. The organization must have existed for some time, and should be offering charitable services during its existence (United States, 2003).

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Moreover, this organization is not under the category of an investment company as defined by the Philanthropy Protection Act. Any security that the organization offers qualifies for an exemption from registration (United States, 2003). In conclusion, since funds for nonprofit organizations are exempt from registration under the company act, any securities offered by the company qualifies for an exemption under exchange act.

Antitrust Laws

The antitrust laws play a very key role in the country. The main aim of the laws is to ensure that consumers are protected from exploitation. In my opinion If AT&T had merged with T-Mobile there would be great violations of antitrust laws. The AT&T with T-Mobile is a merger that lies under the category that is described under antitrust laws. I believe that if the merger occurred, it would have led to serious violations of the antitrust laws.

The merger would violate antitrust laws since it aimed at promoting monopoly in the industry (Moritz, 2011). Their merger would have resulted to the creation of a large firm that would control the largest proportion of the market. If the deal could have succeeded, the company would have secured more than 78 percent of the total revenues from the industry. In other words, this deal could have created a monopoly since there is no company that could have matched the resource base of the new company (Moritz, 2011). The antitrust laws could have been violated to a large extent, since the company did not show any proof of how they could have dealt with issues of quality.

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Since the company never showed such commitment, it is clear that clients would suffer from low-quality products. I am convinced that since the new company would have a large number of clients, they would not take any attempt to improve on the quality (Moritz, 2011). The negative impacts of monopolies are enormous, and since the case at hand is not any different, such negative impacts would arise. The merger would also have subjected the clients to limited choices and a few products. This kind of scenario results in total violation of antitrust laws. In conclusion, after a serious analysis of the merger, it is very eminent that the merger would have breached the antitrust laws (Moritz, 2011).

Trade Promotion

Trade promotion is a marketing strategy aimed at increasing demand of the company products and services in the short run. Trade promotions can bring more profits for the manufacturer by use of price discrimination. Price discrimination involves selling the same product at different prices to different consumers in various segments depending on the different characteristics of each segment. Those who could not afford the product access it at a cheaper price without the company having to bear losses.

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Trade promotions create urgency of the product or service. By offering the promotion, customers are expected to buy the product fast before the promotion expires. They barely have time to compare the product with alternative substitutes (Pickton & Broderick, 2001). It is very effective in the product trial and market penetration. For a new product, trade promotion helps in creating awareness of the product. If it meets their preferences, they will become potential clients to the business even after the promotion.

It also has an effect on the trading behavior of the company. The promotions present an opportunity and encourage dealers to forward buy in great quantities (Pickton & Broderick, 2001). This ensures that retailers do not get out of stock soon and that there is continued buying even when the promotion is over.

What Are The Three Sales Promotion Strategies?

Sales promotions refer to various activities that are meant to supplement the existing marketing efforts such as public relations, advertisement and even personal selling efforts. Sales promotion strategies are very useful since they can help in marketing a product during the low economic crisis. Its main aim is to convince the consumers to take action and purchase the product on offer very quickly. Promotion strategies result in increased sales within a very short time (Zeelenberg & Putten, 2005).

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The key strategies used in sales promotion include push, pull and utilization of both methods. In this part, the paper will illustrate how the strategy can be applied in marketing a Smartphone product such as phantom z by techno.

Push Strategy

The key strategies include sales promotion and utilizing personal selling (Zeelenberg & Putten, 2005). The company will embark on a plan to push the product by engaging resellers who buys the Smartphone in large scale. For example, the company would target large electronic dealers. The wholesalers will in turn promote the product to the retailers, who will in turn convince the consumers to buy a Smartphone.

In the pull strategy, the company engages itself in attracting the clients to buy the product. The main aim is to convince the clients that the Smartphone is better than all other smart phones (Zeelenberg & Putten,2005). The company can also utilize the combination of both strategies in the promotion process. It will engage the services of the distributors as well as pulling the customers. The company determines the appropriate strategy by analyzing the effectiveness of each strategy. The cost of the strategy is also another important factor to consider in selecting a strategy.

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