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The Criminal Justice Organizations as a Part of Our Life

Free «The Criminal Justice Organizations as a Part of Our Life» Essay Sample

I believe that administration is a difficult endeavor. I have always felt that someone in the position of power is the most responsible for the situation or the institution. Although when we talk about the criminal justice organizations, we need to take into account a number of factors.

It has come as a revelation that many organizations in the scope of criminal justice system have goals that may or may not conflict with each other, which should be also considered during the work. Of course, it seems perfectly natural, but for a citizen, it is rather simple: the criminal justice organizations are aimed at achieving justice. Inherently, understanding this fact made me rethink many issues in the world that I perceived as absolute previously. It is a different thing to know that the complex of organizations is not actually an omnipotent institution but a human creation as it consists of human beings and is based on their performance. After reading of the first chapter, I realized that the process of administering the criminal justice institution is not only an obligation to make sure that the organization entrusted to you is running smoothly. In addition, the above process requires ensuring that it maneuvers in accordance with operations of other autonomous parts of the system.

Touching on the subject of management, it was also interesting for me to find out that an administration function is not the responsibility of a single unit inside the organization. The process of managing an establishment, as it turns out, is not a set of duties necessary to be performed only by a selected group of people. As Stojkovic, Kalinich, and Klofas (2012) claim, it is a responsibility shared by the whole staff. As I indicated earlier, it is one thing to believe in such an issue, but it is completely opposite to have someone else pointing it out.

However, what influenced my worldview the most was the mentioning of a successful cooperation between the inmates and the workers in prison. It made me realize that people can and will work together even in the most strange circumstances in order to achieve a better future. This example allows me thinking that all the notions about making a difference and working together for a better future can be true.

It is my belief that when people come into any branch of public service, they do it not only for some privileges. In my opinion, any person working in this sector feels that they will make a difference. This factor motivates them and makes them achieve positive results. Such an example for me was like to observe the outcomes of well-performed activities, convincing me that if somebody could succeed there, I may also achieve something equally significant in my future.

Any public service is about working with people. Nevertheless, as the recent developments within the intended field all over the world show us, it is a vicious circle. The sphere of public service takes care of people who are the passive participants of this relationship. With time, it becomes clearer that to achieve a positive outcome, the state systems have to cooperate with citizens. We have seen what happens when this requirement is not met. In particular, the last few years have been rich in protests and veritable uprisings made by individuals who could not stand their governments ignoring them anymore. The thing is that the more time goes the deeper is the chasm between the subjects of service and the public officials. It is easy to forget that the system was created with the specific purpose of helping people and serving them. Moreover, when there are more examples of the system malfunctioning and going against its initial purpose, it is hard to come up with possible solutions for countering it. Nonetheless, the process turned out to be simple: cooperation is enough to improve the situation.

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To sum up, I am confident that cooperation is the key to practical democracy we should all try to instill in our lives.

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