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Writing Skills

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It turns out that writing is not easy: there are many details to consider. I am fond of writing, and I must admit that when I learn a new piece of information, I become even more interested in this process. There is one thing that I understand clearly now: the writing skills require constant improvement, and this course helps me to become better as a writer.

I believe that I succeeded in dealing with the evidence while composing my papers. I enjoyed finding appropriate sources and extracting either the major ideas or interesting facts to back up my thoughts. For example, when I wrote about Michigan traffic, I backed up my views by providing statistics and other suitable data. Moreover, I am glad that I managed to find the sources that were relatively new. I also think that I did well in writing the papers that were clear and concise, even though it was not easy to do it. I believe that when a paper is clear, then, first of all, it points to the fact that the writer is skillful. For example, when I started to write about a Mexican song, I was a little confused. I thought that the song was not so big that I could write a whole page bout it. Thus, I was afraid that the paper would not be clear enough. Nevertheless, I think that I did my best, and it turned out rather clear. To achieve it, I thought about every single sentence and typed it only after careful consideration. I am also glad that I got used to proofreading my papers. Earlier, I did not like this activity at all, although I knew how significant it was. I thought that it took away the time that I could spend on something else. However, now proofreading is habitual to me, and I do not regret spending time on it.

During this semester, there were also a couple of issues that I struggled with. I learnt how difficult it was to write about the topic that I was not very familiar with. When I chose to write about iPhone lines, I thought that the subject was rather simple. However, then I noticed that writing so many words about it was not so easy. I have never thought about the reasons why people did that. Thus, while writing the paper, I had to spend much time figuring out those reasons for myself. I also did not enjoy formatting the Works Cited page. I am aware that being able to do it is an important elementt of academic writing, but it is still one of my least favorite activities. First, it takes too much time. Second, I am often confused which formatting option to choose. Finally, I still did not manage to stop having fear to start writing. I am often worried that I will do something wrong, or that I do not know what to begin with. As a result, I put aside this process and then it is difficult to do everything in time.

Considering my struggles and successes, I will spend more time on my writing assignments to improve my skills. I believe that my success in some activities depends on the amount of practice. For example, I think that after formatting twenty more Works Cited pages, this process will become much easier for me. More practice will also help me to overcome the fear of starting to write.

To conclude, during this semester, I learnt many interesting facts about the writing process. As a writer, I experienced some difficulties, but I also achieved success, which was very positive. Now I am aware of the skills that I should either gain or improve, and I will practice much to better my skills in the future.

Buy custom Writing Skills essay

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