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My Progress as a Reader, a Critical Thinker, and a Writer

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Free «My Progress as a Reader, a Critical Thinker, and a Writer» Essay Sample

Critical thinking is essential to the life of any individual. It entails the proper application of the mind in any decision-making process (Porter 3). It defines your perception of people and things in daily life. In other words, critical thinking revolves around human reasoning. Consequently, everyone ought to surround themselves with the appropriate knowledge that could aid the process. Enrolling in this class has been vital for me, as I have had exposure to the scope of concepts. However, in the process of studying I encountered challenges, too. The following paper discusses the positive strides I have made as a reader, a critical thinking, and a writer.


I had a number of weaknesses when I first entered the critical thinking class. Firstly, I had limited awareness concerning the arguments. I used to think that it is just a situation of disagreement. Nevertheless, the critical thinking has been instrumental to my understanding of the concept. I am well-knowledgeable concerning inductive and deductive forms of arguments. For instance, in a deductive argument, the available premises lead to the conclusion. On the contrary, inductive argument provides a chance for a statement to have a wrong conclusion (Schroeder). Evidently, I can draw up a conclusion when I come upon a book that I am reading. In fact, it is a formal criterion for evaluating an argument. In essence, a sound argument is only valid when all the premises are true. This knowledge has transformed my reading process. As Schroeder says “A deductive argument is one where the premises are supposed to logically entail the conclusion”.

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The other weakness I have overcome is my style of writing. Previously, I would start a paper without thinking much. I thought that the idea was to put down important points that streamed down my mind. Nevertheless, I have leant a new approach. When I want to write something, I first jot down the main points. It acts as an outline of the paper content. Consequently, my wok becomes more organized. Creating an outline also ensures that I do not leave out some of the key points. It helps me keep focus on the subject. In fact, I have noticed better performance commencing the class. For instance, I had to organize my ideas before coming up with the paper.
The class discussion has also been critical to my progress. In our group, we had the opportunity to share our thoughts concerning various concepts. I drew my motivation from my peers, as they gave me a chance to highlight my points. I had to think critically about the topics. I realized that the answer is correct as long as one can critically analyze and come up with supporting examples. The discussion was also instrumental in sharpening my social skills. Though I am a reserved person, the group work demanded the contribution of every individual. It was, therefore, fundamental to my progress.

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However, I have also faced challenges in my quest to advance as a critical thinker. Firstly, I have not found enough avenues to employ my critical thinking skills. In essence, I can only share the insights I get with my classmates. The immediate community is not receptive. I would desire a different forum where I meet diverse people from a range of universities. It would, therefore, give me the opportunity for my progress. Program exchange is essential for building one’s confidence. It is also imperative in exercising the knowledge that one gets in class. Moreover, there are people who have limited facts about the process of thinking (Porter 7). Consequently, any effort to convince them on the appropriate subject faces rebellion. For example, at times I try to teach my siblings the right way to read. However, they refuse to listen to my teachings. It has, therefore, been hard to make real life progress.

I also have not got diverse materials to use for the class. I have access to one book. The rest of the research I do on the Internet, though on-line sources are often invariant. I would love to use different peer-reviewed journals on the subjects to gain fallacy, logical reasoning, and validity. It can give me a topic on areas that are viable for more investigation. Moreover, some of the Internet sources are plagiarized. I prefer having access to more textbooks.

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In spite of the few challenges I meet, I am optimistic concerning the future. It is because I have made a literal decision to excel as a critical thinker and writer. The knowledge of the diverse concepts is vital to the thinking process. Moreover, my peers and teacher are supportive. I am also planning to access more books from the community library. It will sharpen my skills over the subject. I am planning to engage in online critical thinking groups. My friend referred me to enroll for an online debate which covers different issues. I believe it will be a chance for me to exercise skills.


It is evident from the discussion that I am making positive strides in my progress as a reader, a thinker, and writer. Currently, I can make distinction on such subjects as validity and argument. I also have a proper understanding concerning fallacy. Group discussion has been helpful in this process. Despite the setbacks, I am committed to ensuring I excel in the field as a critical thinker.

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