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Category: Personal

An Interview

I had an interview with my new Georgian friend Nino Kvatashidze on the 27th of October. Nino has recently moved from her homeland and became our neigh...
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Adoption Situation

Adoption is always a responsible step, especially if the kid has some special needs requiring special assistance and care. If the adopted child is not...
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Writing with Authority

I think that writing is an essential skill for everyone. Although I am an international student, I like writing and continually try to improve my writ...
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Ethics and Investigations

I work for a governmental organization, in the department of purchasing and supplies. The department does the procurement services on behalf of the co...
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Writing Skills

It turns out that writing is not easy: there are many details to consider. I am fond of writing, and I must admit that when I learn a new piece of inf...
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My Progress as a Reader, a Critical Thinker, and a Writer

Critical thinking is essential to the life of any individual. It entails the proper application of the mind in any decision-making process (Porter 3)....
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