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Adoption Situation

Adoption is always a responsible step, especially if the kid has some special needs requiring special assistance and care. If the adopted child is not a baby, it means that he or she might already have some fears and pains from the past, which should be cured. From my experience, I can tell the story of the eight-years-old anorexic boy’s adoption that was quite challenging and thought-provoking. However, he is…

An Interview

I had an interview with my new Georgian friend Nino Kvatashidze on the 27th of October. Nino has recently moved from her homeland and became our neighbor. We decided to meet in the café over a cup of tea in the relaxed atmosphere. I consider the interview to be successful. My friend was open with me and gave me the possibility to ask directly all necessary questions. As it was…

Ethics and Investigations

I work for a governmental organization, in the department of purchasing and supplies. The department does the procurement services on behalf of the company and meets the needs of the users in the organization. There have been reports and accusations in the firm pertaining malpractices in the department. It was reported that personnel were not following the guidelines set for them while undertaking their duties. The firm has been recording…

My Progress as a Reader, a Critical Thinker, and a Writer

Critical thinking is essential to the life of any individual. It entails the proper application of the mind in any decision-making process (Porter 3). It defines your perception of people and things in daily life. In other words, critical thinking revolves around human reasoning. Consequently, everyone ought to surround themselves with the appropriate knowledge that could aid the process. Enrolling in this class has been vital for me, as I…

Writing Skills

It turns out that writing is not easy: there are many details to consider. I am fond of writing, and I must admit that when I learn a new piece of information, I become even more interested in this process. There is one thing that I understand clearly now: the writing skills require constant improvement, and this course helps me to become better as a writer. I believe that I…

Writing with Authority

I think that writing is an essential skill for everyone. Although I am an international student, I like writing and continually try to improve my writing level. Creativity may be used as the foundation for presenting new ideas and reaching new conclusions. I understand that intellectual freedom is crucial for any research; however, as it is impossible to be an expert in all fields of knowledge, people have to rely…
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