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Option 2: Coaching Session

Free «Option 2: Coaching Session» Essay Sample

Lauren Smith is a valuable worker who needs professional assistance to improve her skills. Not all workers of the company are able to talk friendly to demanding customers, while she is a communicative person, who, at the same time, requires reorientation in her skills to become more productive. This paper is dedicated to a coaching session with Lauren Smith to boost her productivity in the process of selling a new product.

New sale item is a great opportunity to make changes and improvements in Lauren’s work. On the one hand, she adds value to every customer making friendship during her calls, but, on the other hand, she her productivity level reduces (Jolibert, Muehlbacher, Flores, & Dubois, 2012). Consequently, an action plan presupposes the same format of communication, but Lauren must become more specific. She must describe the product, while reducing a number of details about personal life of her customers. At the same time, Lauren can use some personal information, but she must link it to the product. As a result, her conversation will become product-related.

Lauren Smith must also make changes in regard to her product sales lag and call durations. The new strategy may work, if her sales style becomes more aggressive (Cant, Strydom, & Jooste, 2006). Some companies concentrate only on sales and do not take into account personal information of their customers. Sullivan Window Company does not support this strategy. The organization realizes that the competition in window business is high. Thus, to             remain competitive it must study its customers more closely.

Lauren’s general manner of work is acceptable for Sullivan Window Company, but efficiency demands significant improvements. The coaching session begins with an approval of her work. The second part contains some remarks on her efficiency and calls duration. She must clearly understand that her timing must be reduced. Moreover, Lauren must remember that she is a part of a team, and her results must comply with the results of her colleagues. The third part implies the description of a new product. It will help Lauren realize that this product is her new chance to improve her work. The employee must receive clear explanations on how the company intends to remain competitive and on the general financial state of the enterprise. Lauren must consider sales profit as the priority and customer database development will work as the parallel process.

Lauren’s increased efficiency in sales may not only help improve its competitiveness at the window market, but improve collaboration inside of her team, as well (Saxena, 2009). The coaching session also includes practical side. The timing of Lauren’s call must be trained with the help of a clock. It will help her acquire the sense of time and understand when to stop talking to a particular customer and to proceed with the next one.

These methods are going to have influence as they are well-structured and comprehensive for every type of worker. Moreover, the session has few examples on the necessary corrections. Nevertheless, the aim of the training is not only to show Lauren her mistakes as the conversation reveals both positive and negative sides of her work.

In conclusion, Lauren is a good employee that must be retained. She is at the beginning of her managerial career and her friendly attitude deserves time investments on the side of her coach. The worker is ready to deal with difficult customers and is able to establish contact with various people. As soon as she understands that her work must be more profit-oriented, she will restructure her conversation and will bring income to the company. Lauren must concentrate on a new product to achieve better results and to make changes in her attitude towards work.

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