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Office Work

Office Work

The term office attributes to a place where the clerical work is carried out and where all types of paperwork such as letters, records, files and correspondence are kept and dealt with. Therefore, a commercial office can be referred to as a clerical house where all essential business information is maintained. Office work, therefore, includes collecting or receiving all business information, processing it and put it into an understandable form. The processed data should be presented to the business’ management, when it is required. Office work has undergone a massive change for the last five or four decades. For instance, the old dingy, stuffy office rooms now have vanished and instead of them, there are air-conditioned spaces in alluring designs with new technological machines. Today most modern offices are set according to scientific principles. This vast change has led to an expansion in business activities and the scale of production.

In today’s society, many people are working long hours and the more they work, the more they are utilizing a lot of technology in their daily work. These long hours and increased usage of technology have resulted in increasing of energy consumption. Clerical workers have widely adopted use of new technology, for example, through use of cell phones, text messages, computers and iPhones (Saylor, 2012). It has affected environment substantially in both positive and negative ways. It is, therefore, hard to deny benefits that new technology has produced in industries, businesses and in daily life. It is also too hard to repudiate that there are significantly negative effects as well.

There are several impacts that have resulted from modern technology. Today, most business communications are alive and are well- conducted via e-mail. The latter allows for fast communication and its effective organization. Modern hand-held computers, for instance, “the Blackberry,” enable managers to get e-mails from any locality. The Blackberry takes beepers to a new level, vibrates or gives signal when a person receives a reply. The manager may, fax, read, save, delete or ignore the message. It is advantageous since it is like carrying a moveable office.

However, e-mail may make industry’s communications inaccurate since most individuals have many e-mail accounts, demanding a system to accomplish all of them. For example, in one day, around hundred e-mails ay come through manager’s computer (Saylor, 2012). Even though a manager can filter them by use of selection software, there is always an inherent danger by doing so. It may go unnoticed if a significant e-mail does not meet the software’s standards for response.

Management can advantage from collaboration with technologies, which allow companies to form virtual meetings in the proximate future. During these conferences, the workforce from isolated locations forms real-time communication (Saylor, 2012). They conduct them by use of peer-to-peer software from their computers. Participants get to see one another on their computer screens, and they can make changes to contract documents or to product designs and share computer space through a virtual board.

Information technology has been perceived as the most important militaries of modernization. Firms that implement the information system technology should consider the importance of its infrastructure as it has direct impact on business functioning (Saylor, 2012). The overall information technology infrastructure consists of the computer, shareable technical platform, database and communication technologies. The infrastructure underpins company’s competitive position by empowering initiatives, for instance, cross-functional processes, cross-selling opportunities and cycle time improvement.

Technology, particularly the internet, has an effect on decision-making. It has made the process of obtaining information much easier and a quicker one. Earlier, it required some days or even some weeks of study in the library, mostly tying up the employee’s time. Therefore, today one researcher can compile many up-to- date data in few hours using online sources (Saylor, 2012). Having a lot of information, accurately at one’s fingertips, enables for quick, conversant decision-making. It is especially significant in today’s worldwide market where it is vital for multi-national organizations to keep recent information from all over the world before they make a vital decision.

There is an impact of new technology on human resources. Improved technology, such as videoconferencing, fax machines and computers, has led most organizations to apply telecommuting as an alternative one for their employees. New technology is expected to make an important increase in employee’s productivity (Saylor, 2012). Another benefits include improveed recruitment, reduced costs, and retention, increased job satisfaction, reduced travel time, and stress. Telecommuting has worldwide advantages since it will enable an organization to advance a team of workers from virtually any part of the world. However, this modern technology will necessitate the advancement of new communication skills and management. Organizations will be required to develop inventive benefits packages that will keep and attract employees because the “job market” will then not be restricted to their demographic region. Organizational loyalty may therefore, become an item of the past.

The new technology has however, brought some changes in office work. Machines have replaced human labor, hence causing the decrease in employment level. The weak recovery provides few reasons to conclude that human tasks have been completely taken over by machines (Saylor, 2012). As far as new technologists continue to discuss major unmet requirements, machines do not regulate our fate. Even though they have taken over some tasks from human, that does not mark the end of works. However, we are, required to figure out how workforces can come up with new skills and how entrepreneurs can generate new business models for creating new demand that can provide growing employment.

New technologies can affect jobs in the science and engineering spheres. The latter is a goal-oriented process of making and designing systems and tools to exploit ordinary phenomenon for applied human means, often by use of techniques and results from science. The expansion of technology can draw upon many bases of knowledge, including engineering, scientific and mathematical knowledge, to attain some practical result.

Technology has made a tremendous impression on the businesses worldwide. In many ways, it lets an organization to maintain and gain a competitive advantage. Faster access to current information enables quicker decision-making. Hand-held computers, e-mail, and video conferencing allow for faster communications and quick problem solving. Fax machines, conference calls and computers enable organizations to employ high-skilled individuals of, disregarding demographics (Saylor 2012). These changes have main consequences for the upcoming work. In the past, modern technologies were likely to systematize blue-collar jobs. Now IT has started to automate white-collar jobs. New technologies will gradually also automate professional jobs.



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