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Cultural Sensitivity

The most widely discussed topics in the second half of the 1990-ies are globalization, teamworking, and cultural competence. It is almost impossible to read a book or an article or to take part in the conference in which at least one of these questions do not arise. The topic of cultural sensitivity coincides with the growing conviction that one of the main sources of potential competitive advantace for businesses is…

How Management Motivates Employees in an Organization

Table of Contents Introduction Definition of Motivation and Reasons Why It Needs to Be Promoted in an Organization by the Management Extrinsic Motivation Use of Monetary Rewards to Motivate Employees in an Organization Use of Non-Monetary Rewards to Motivate Employees in an Organization Intrinsic Motivation Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Introduction The question of motivation and its use as a means of employees’ performance enhancement has always interested the management…

Incident Command System: Principles and Features. Part 1

1. Who will be responsible for the direction and control of the disaster operations? In Dallas, Texas, disaster direction and control operations include numerous activities aimed at the reduction of immediate hazards, restoration of normal operations within the community, and the establishment of the control situations. One individual should be chosen and trained in order to act as an Emergency head while at least one back-up co-coordinator is also required.…

Office Work

The term office attributes to a place where the clerical work is carried out and where all types of paperwork such as letters, records, files and correspondence are kept and dealt with. Therefore, a commercial office can be referred to as a clerical house where all essential business information is maintained. Office work, therefore, includes collecting or receiving all business information, processing it and put it into an understandable form.…

Option 2: Coaching Session

Lauren Smith is a valuable worker who needs professional assistance to improve her skills. Not all workers of the company are able to talk friendly to demanding customers, while she is a communicative person, who, at the same time, requires reorientation in her skills to become more productive. This paper is dedicated to a coaching session with Lauren Smith to boost her productivity in the process of selling a new…

The Balanced Scorecard: Real or Just a Mirror

Table of Contents Introduction Overview of the Balanced Scorecard Literature Review National Dimensions Critics of the Balanced Scorecard Evidence from Case Study Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Introduction The basic idea of the method of a balanced scorecard is in displaying the system of indicators in a structured and concise manner with the aim to obtain analytical results in a significant managerial practice. The classic version of this method includes…

The Effectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The corporate accounting scandals affecting big companies such as Tyco International, WorldCom, and Enron revealed the limitations of the financial and reporting standards. As a result, the Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to regulate the public accounting in the US. For example, in section 404, the Act outlines the requirements to ensure efficient internal control over the financial processes. It provides the Public Company Accounting Board with a significant role…

Workbrain Corp. – A Case in Exit Strategy

Table of Contents Introduction The Preparation of Workbrain for an IPO The Right Time for an IPO Better Exchange Services Benefits of Acquirers and an IPO Available Financing Alternatives The Need for Raising Money by Workbrain Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Introduction It is usually alarming for a company to incur losses when it has been growing at a higher rate with an increased cash flow. Over the past years,…
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