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Category: Management

Peter Lynch’s Profile & Success Story

Introduction Background A good corporate manager (as opposed to a responsible corporate citizen) can be defined as a person who aims at maximizing t...
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Workbrain Corp. – A Case in Exit Strategy

Introduction It is usually alarming for a company to incur losses when it has been growing at a higher rate with an increased cash flow. Over the pas...
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How Management Motivates Employees in an Organization

Introduction The question of motivation and its use as a means of employees’ performance enhancement has always interested the management at all ty...
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The Balanced Scorecard: Real or Just a Mirror

Introduction The basic idea of the method of a balanced scorecard is in displaying the system of indicators in a structured and concise manner with t...
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Option 2: Coaching Session

Lauren Smith is a valuable worker who needs professional assistance to improve her skills. Not all workers of the company are able to talk friendly to...
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Cultural Sensitivity

The most widely discussed topics in the second half of the 1990-ies are globalization, teamworking, and cultural competence. It is almost impossible t...
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Office Work

The term office attributes to a place where the clerical work is carried out and where all types of paperwork such as letters, records, files and corr...
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The Effectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The corporate accounting scandals affecting big companies such as Tyco International, WorldCom, and Enron revealed the limitations of the financial an...
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Incident Command System: Principles and Features. Part 1

1. Who will be responsible for the direction and control of the disaster operations? In Dallas, Texas, disaster direction and control operations inclu...
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