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Cultural Sensitivity

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Free «Cultural Sensitivity» Essay Sample

The most widely discussed topics in the second half of the 1990-ies are globalization, teamworking, and cultural competence. It is almost impossible to read a book or an article or to take part in the conference in which at least one of these questions do not arise.

The topic of cultural sensitivity coincides with the growing conviction that one of the main sources of potential competitive advantace for businesses is effective human resource management. For example, the analysis of IBM worldwide research covered 2000 organizations and indicated that the dominant opinion of the participants of that organization provided a realistic basis for achieving sustainable competitive advantages (Australian Multicultural Foundation and Robert Bean Consulting, 2010)

In the global context, management of human resources inevitably leads to issues related to cultural diversity. The program will discuss the challenges about organizations who intend to work effectively across borders. They define the main problems as the opportunity to develop practices that balance the global competitiveness, multinational flexibility and the ability to learn. They argue that achieving this balance will require organizations to develop cultural sensitivity and ability to manage and use training to build capacity in the future. It is very important to research and experience the workplace teams in enterprises and it is becoming more diverse. Several measures of diversity are prominent in most of the commands, including gender, generational, and cultural background. The article sets out to provide general basis for the establishment of international management team (Australian Multicultural Foundation and Robert Bean Consulting, 2010)

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Program Achievements

In matters relating to the development of effective international management teams, it apprears that the following areas should be considered:

• Determination of the nature and consequences of cultural differences within the team;

• Creation of the basis for the creation of understanding and awareness of cultural differences and how they can be managed.

• Formation of the basis for high-tech development team that takes into account cultural differences and uses ie efficiently in an international team.

Assessment of the Needs

In an earlier study, Higgs and Rowland identified the elements which were the determinants of effective management team performance in large international project teams (Cultural Sensitivity Scholars Program, 2013). Such methods can be used to overcome cultural boundaries in the team:

• General understanding of and commitment to team goals and objectives;

• A clear and common understanding of each member of the group, the role and contribution;

• Recognizing the value of diversity in style, experience and contribution;

• Effective integration of knowledge and skills.

This structure has proved its effectiveness in practice. Teams experience the necessity of solving various business problems, providing a clear context for exploring cultural elements of the implementation process. The ability to link all activities and events on hard results provides a focus for the development and application understanding and helps to provide a clear and unifying goal for the team. In practice, we found that the achievements of the business are seen in the results. This achievement was the process of understanding and knowledge about each other (Cultural Sensitivity Scholars Program, 2013).

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– Building cultural understanding and awareness

– Raising awareness of own culture and of cultural differences

– Determining the effect of different cultural contexts on managerial problems of adaptation behavior to achieve effective results in different cultural contexts

– Gaining the understanding of what it means to be culturally competent and sensitive

– The main differences between traditional Western business conducting and beliefs of other diverse communities and populations

– Staff will gain knowledge of different models designed to assist cross-cultural and patient interactions and relationships

Scientist Adler indicates that, in practice, using the structural basis of that knowledge and understanding are developed. It is in this practical terms that the benefits of diversity can be implemented. The need for such a practical approach is amplified within the European research managers. In addition, the study highlights the importance of skills development in the context of the team and recommends the development in the real commands:

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• building cohesion and coherence in teamworking

• creating common vision and understanding

• create a quality dialogue between members

• the establishment of feedback mechanisms to assess and process improvement group.

There are several methods for development of human resources in the sphere of cultural diversity. Methods of time management include:

• Explaining the importance of effective time management

• Identifying the specific factors that inhibit productivity of employees

• Identify top “eaters of the time” in the workplace

Methods of communication skills and advanced programs:

• Testing grammar rules and applications

• Passing an examination to test their communicative competence

• Staff must be able to apply all these knowledge in practice while interacting with other staff with the purpose of creating effective relationships.

These methods will meet the program objectives, as they address the same issues. The objectives include building cultural understanding and awareness, raising awareness of own culture and of cultural differences, gaining knowledge development of the impact of cultural differences, etc. Particularly, methods of communication skills and time management can help reduce misunderstanding between cultures and reduce the time needed for it (Higgs and Perrin, 2010)

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Program Outline

Project recognizes that inequality is one of the most important problems that must be addressed in modern business and every sphere of human life. There are inherent power dynamics in the relationship between doctor and patient, staff and chief, and so on which should be changed and the inequalities in relationships reduced. Socio-cultural issues such as stereotyping, racism and dominant group privilege are all present in the community. One way to change this power dynamics is to train staff to become more culturally competent (Higgs and Perrin, 2010).

It must be realised that almost every profession requires cultural competency and cultural humility. Cultural humility requires constant self-awareness and self-criticism. This combination of cultural competence and cultural sensitivity can help people to better understand of each other. Cultural sensitivity program is responcible for developing knowledge and skills in order to become culturally confident.

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