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Homework Three: SuperTech

Free «Homework Three: SuperTech» Essay Sample

Surely the computer industry can be described as a SuperTech. Amazing functionality and speed are the main preferences in the capability list, but there are much more useful characteristics. With the invention of the first computer the development of the computer technology starts. One of the first electric counting machines (ECM) was Colossus invented in 1943 by Flowers in consultation with Cambridge mathematician Max Newman (Teusher, 2004). In fact, a modern personal computer bears no resemblance to its original inventions. Moreover, with the development of the computer technologies many new concepts have appeared such as gaming consoles and robots. The gaming industry also evolves from the initial concept (from ECM). Every year, people spend a lot of money on videogames and different kinds of newest consoles and gamepads.

There are four characteristics which describe the SuperTech industry. Reviewing them, it becomes apparent that the computer industry can be named SuperTech.

The first characteristic is that the original invention requires development of the technologies. In the first generation of EMS vacuum tubes were used. These tubes were braking all the time, so they were replaced by transistors. Machines with transistors became smaller and more responsible. ECM still took a good deal of space and transistors were replaced by an integrated circuit. Future upgrades are listed below:

  • power increase;
  • space limitation;
  • heating decrease.

These upgrades continued nowadays. Thus, small data storage device can store terabytes of data. When with the invention of integrated circuits computer had become generally available, scientists decided to remove information barrier between the machine and user. Nowadays there are many devices, which help computer to recognize handwriting, body movements and human voice. Obviously, those inventions require development of the technologies.

Second characteristic describes that many people want to refine original invention and invent something new. Thus, over the past century since the first ECM was invented, the computer industry has greatly transformed. The reason was the necessity of the precise calculations of the large bulk of data. Apparently, new technologies required new inventions. Human beings had not been able to calculate large data bulk and decided to transfer it to the computer. Step by step all of the ECM’s disadvantages had been removed giving way to new inventions such as integrated circuits and semiconductive details.

The third characteristic is that in all of the “trickle down” enterprises, new innovations often far removed from the original invention so that it is vital to assure the success of each enterprise. Initially, in the military industry inventors of the high-precision radio detection technology became operators. The necessity to see the enemy on the great distance led to radio detection development, which is controlled by the computer. Thus, missile guidance, detecting the enemy, and information encryption are impossible without computers. All of the operations listed above should be done with unbelievable accuracy (McMurran, 2008).

The fourth characteristic is that modern technologies demand great skills from inventors. It is a great skill to use your knowledge in practice such as knowledge about internal processes and usage of a device. There can be invented something new exploring the accomplishments and the disadvantages of the device. Moreover, if the invention will be unpopular and will not be sold out, the current project will be closed due to money scarcity. Thus, an inventor should also have the skills of an economist.

All listed above prove that the computer industry is a SuperTech. Satisfying all of the claims, the computer industry became very adaptive. Computers can be used everywhere where there is the need. In addition, computer technologies not only boost the development, but also create game industry and a variety of companies. It is not a secret that computers have changed people’s lifestyle. Hereby, the computer industry is even more than a SuperTech.

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