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Technology essay samples

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Homework Three: SuperTech

Surely the computer industry can be described as a SuperTech. Amazing functionality and speed are the main preferences in the capability list, but there are much more useful characteristics. With the invention of the first computer the development of the computer technology starts. One of the first electric counting machines (ECM) was Colossus invented in 1943 by Flowers in consultation with Cambridge mathematician Max Newman (Teusher, 2004). In fact, a…

Influence of Technology on the Ability to Think

In the modern world, technology is necessary for our day-to-day living. With that in mind, one must acknowledge that technology plays a substantial part in the accomplishment of our daily activities and influences the way people do things. Most importantly, technology plays a significant role in the way people think. To elaborate a little more on thinking, it is the capacity to reason, reflect, analyze and make conclusions based on…

Social Impact of Cell and Smart Phone Devices

1.    Introduction A huge technical progress of 21st century became the reason of inventing such a wonderful thing as mobile phone. Is this thing as important as we consider it to be? Certainly, invention of mobile phone and other modern technologies served as a crucial moment in the development of all spheres of life, but the creation of such a device has its drawbacks, as well. 2.    History “Ten years…
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