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Issues in Comparative Politics

Free «Issues in Comparative Politics» Essay Sample

The term “politics” describes activities of the relationship among social groups, which essence is to define objectives, content and main activities of the state. Politics makes the decisions that are related to the social and public sphere of country’s performance, and its decisions are quite authoritative and do not give people any legal choices to declaim or not to accept its decisions. Political system is a combination of interacting norms, ideas that are based on political institutions, agencies and activities, organizing political power, the relationship of citizens and the state. The main purpose of politicians is to provide multi-dimensional integrity of people in politics. Along with the economy, morality, religion politics is placed as particular form of human activity. Political activity is part of a particular political system.

The political system of society has its own structure, which indicates what elements it consists of and how they are interconnected. Identify the following components of the political system that integrated under the public and private sphere that politics deals with. Public sphere refers to the political organization of society, which includes the state, political parties and movements, public organizations and associations, labor groups, and the like; political consciousness that characterizes the psychological and ideological aspects of political power and political system; socio-political and legal rules governing political life and the process of political power; political relations developing between the elements on the political power; political practice, consisting of political activity and the overall political experience. Private sector of political system performance refers to the actions that do not bind the groups like family, friends. Government is formal collegial executive body that is responsible for the decisions and policies implementation processes. Government is the highest executive and administrative organ of state power. Government can become the problem issue when it destructs community, infringe basic rights of people, perform ineffective economic strategy, when it is working on the goals of private companies and definite people. State is special institution of the political system, that organizing, directing and controlling the activities of the joint individuals, public groups, or classes and their relationship. State has its own attributes, main of which are public and political (state) power, sovereignty, comprehensiveness, defined territory and population. Every state has its own unique nature, however some similarities can be found. Their uniqueness is formed by the amount of population, territory formation, geographic differences, cultural and ethical peculiarities.

In the political science arise a lot of questions that are connected to the confusion determination of the terms like state and nation, nationality and ethnicity (Almond, 2004). Nation is a community of people with a common language, traditions and culture, which does not always coincide with public or political ties. At the same time, state proclaims universalism, or universality. In formal terms there are no specific national stereotypes of behavior, identity behavior of certain ethnic, religious or other groups within one state. State only protects the interests and rights of the individual citizen who has suffered material or moral damage, regardless of their social, ethnic or religious affiliation. State can also include two or even more nations, the USA is the best example of the nations unification under the flag of one state. At the same time, the ethnic group is characterized by supra-individual stability, repeatability of cultural models. In contrast, the nation is the determining process of self-recognition on the basis of synthesis of traditional and new elements, and the actual identity of ethnic criteria (language, life, etc.) accessories are secondary.

Any county can face the economic problems. They may relate to the recession of the economy that cause decrease of GDP and increase of unemployment rate, to the increase of population and increase of environmental expenditures and materials limitation. Nowadays, every country is aimed to built the democracy, this terms is relates to the political regime, which is based on the method of collective decision-making with the same effect on the outcome of the participants processes or its significant stage.

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