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A Parliamentary System for Nigeria

In this paper, forms of governments are put into perspective. This is done in the light of the prevailing advantages and the disadvantages associated with various systems of governance. There are two major forms of democracies. There are the parliamentary and presidential systems. These are both forms of government that are practiced depending on the set of laws governing a State. An argument is presented that considers the positives of…

Confucianism and its Influence on China Culture and Politics and on the World at the Whole

Terminological designation of Confucianism as the School of educated people in itself indicates that the ideological system is rich by heritage of many thinkers. Confucianism is a set of teachings and doctrines that have arisen as a result of the transition to a new system of thought, the center of which was not the spirit world, but people. Therefore it is legitimately to say that Confucianism is the offspring and…

Democrats and Republicans

The immigration in the United States is considered one of the greatest social problems that the country has been facing for years. Yet, one cannot fail to remember that immigrants built the country, and today each person carries in his/her blood some kind of history. With that being said, it is important to investigate the views regarding immigration of the two major parties in the country. The issues relating to…

Government Spending Should Be based on a Balanced Budget

Governments around the world are faced with the challenge on how to meet a balanced spending budget amid the increasing recurrent expenditures. According to Mazurak (2013, p. 1), the actual cause of huge government debts is the fact that most governments tend to spend way above what they get each year. For instance, Mazurak (2013, p. 1), notes that the United States spends 1 trillion dollars more than it gets…

Issues in Comparative Politics

The term “politics” describes activities of the relationship among social groups, which essence is to define objectives, content and main activities of the state. Politics makes the decisions that are related to the social and public sphere of country’s performance, and its decisions are quite authoritative and do not give people any legal choices to declaim or not to accept its decisions. Political system is a combination of interacting norms,…

Participants Outside The Government

Some of the most energetic characters that sometimes exert a rather heavy influence over the outcome of legislation that emerges are the interest groups. Just like the name states, they are the representatives of a group of citizens that work in a certain domain, which is directly affected by some government decisions. Hence, they try to influence those decisions’ outcome so that they will draw maximum benefit out of it.…

Racial Issues in the USA

The United States of America have always been considered as one of the most exemplary states in terms of development of democratic institutions. Even this pillar of equality, brotherhood, and broad opportunities for everyone was someday far from being flawless. At the dawn of the twentieth century, the reigning policy of racial segregation was the most vivid manifestation of ‘color discrimination’ in the world. People of European and African origins…

Russian Strategic Geographical Location: Influence on Foreign Policy

Separation of the former Soviet Union states from Russia was politically and economically costly for the integrated USSR. Disintegration of the Soviet Union led to the decline of living standards in all the states with more confrontations and conflicts between Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) states. The FSU consist of Slavic states (Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova), Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan…

The American Empire

Imperialism is the creation and nurturing of the country’s power and its considerable influence on other countries through coercive force and military intervention. It is seen as a vice not only by historians but also by the general population. It is viewed in the negative light. It is a process of benefiting a remarkably small number of people at the expense of the majority. Native people are exploited to enrich…

The Government Structure of Angola

Angola is a country, which is situated in the central part of Africa. The capital of Angola is Luanda. It is the biggest city of the country. The country is divided into 18 provinces. Further, they are subdivided into smaller municipal communities. Angola is a former Portuguese colony. The country gained its independence on November 11, 1975 as a result of the Carnation Revolution. That peaceful revolution in Portugal granted…

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