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Category: Political

Policy Memo for the U.S. Action on Refugees

Introduction In the modern world, numerous local conflicts take place in different parts of the world; they cause a great number of refugees that s...
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Evaluating the First Year of President Donald Trump

Introduction The approval rating of President Trump raises many questions regarding his performance or whether the Republican Party can survive his p...
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Solution for the ISIS Problem

In fact, ISIS has become a dangerous terrorist organization over the last decade. Today, ISIS possesses well-trained human resources and a large numbe...
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Family Impact Analysis: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Family impact analysis provides a systematic way to examine a program, law, or a policy from a family perspective. It involves evaluating both benefit...
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Paradox of Democratic Exuberance

Introduction The Democratic Paradox is a collection of different essays, which have been written by Mouffe - a Belgian political theorist. The collec...
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Introduction Hydrocarbons are among the most valuable resources on the planet because of their capacity to burn and produce heat energy. They are use...
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The Democratic Party and Its Participation in the Presidential Elections in 2016

The Presidential Elections Process of the USA The USA presidential elections occur every four years. The Election Day is assigned to the first Tuesda...
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Why Did Reconstruction Fail?

Reconstruction appeared during the period of 1865-1877, when the government of the U.S. tried to put the country together after the Civil War. The&nbs...
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The American Empire

Imperialism is the creation and nurturing of the country’s power and its considerable influence on other countries through coercive force and mi...
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Russian Strategic Geographical Location: Influence on Foreign Policy

Separation of the former Soviet Union states from Russia was politically and economically costly for the integrated USSR. Disintegration of the Soviet...
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The Government Structure of Angola

Angola is a country, which is situated in the central part of Africa. The capital of Angola is Luanda. It is the biggest city of the country. The coun...
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Government Spending Should Be based on a Balanced Budget

Governments around the world are faced with the challenge on how to meet a balanced spending budget amid the increasing recurrent expenditures. Accord...
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