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Cultural Values

At the turn of the twentieth century, mass media became the substitute for Academic painting as the most influential source of perspective images to reflect the basic ethnic values of Western culture according to Dr. Brown. The researcher discusses several significant reasons for that substitution. For instance, Dr. Griffith’s filmmaking is an art that could only be compared with the Academic painting as his pictures are mere artistic masterpieces as…

Gustav Holst “The Planets”

Mars, the Bringer of War At the very beginning I see nothing but darkness, and the only thing I hear is silence. Then the music begins and a little ray of light getting stronger and stronger allows me to see a planet covered in red whirling fog. No matter how hard I try, I do not see the planet itself as the fog gets darker and looks like the rivers…

Northern Renaissance: Durer and Grünewald

1. List and explain at least four characteristics of Durer’s art. Give examples.Born in 1471 in the family of goldsmith, Albrecht Durer is considered to be a renowned German painter, draftsman, mathematician and theorist (Finnan, 2008). First and foremost, Durer is known for realizing his artistic skills in printmaking. His most famous religious woodcuts The Apocalypse (1498), the Large Woodcut Passion (1497–1500), and the Life of the Virgin (1500) are…
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