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Healthy Grief

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Free «Healthy Grief» Essay Sample


Most people experience health grief in their lives. There are different reasons for grief: a loss of a close one, relationship, job, or a bad diagnosis. In many cases, a person should learn to start his life again. People who experience healthy grief do not usually realize that their behavior is purposeful. However, healthy grief is useful for the well-being of a person, because he allows feelings to release. It is much better than keeping one’s feelings inside. The emotions that a griever experienced help him manage the situation and keep living. After losing someone in life, a person should release negative energy outside his body. This paper tends to explain what healthy grief is and how to deal with it.

What is Healthy Grief?

However, grief is not always a way to adapt to new life situations. Sometimes, people cannot forget the one who died. They had to live with these sufferings for many years. Actually, they get stuck in it. For example, husbands or wives losing his/her spouses feel unhappy till the end of their lives. They seem to be locked in their past and cannot begin a new life. This happens when people have lived together for many years and got used to feel as a whole. Healthy grief requires remembering the one who has gone. However, it does not mean to feel pain about the person which he or she will never meet again. Healthy grieving means remembering the importance of the loss. 

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Definitely, acknowledging death of a loved one is painful. However, the breadth and depth of one’s love guarantees that some things go on forever. Healthy grief enables a person to complete the process of redefining one’s self and recreates the identity that can function successfully in the new world, which began at the moment of loss. During healthy grief, a person feels pain not only because a loved one dies, but also because of unrealized plans. It creates a string of losses. The person who has gone took away all things that were supposed to be done together. The person who is grieving should realize that it does not mean that all possibilities are gone.

The Consequences of Grieving

Healthy grief is a natural experience that people undergo during their life. Those who feel pain about his or her lost close one often face negative consequences. Oftentimes, people begin suffering from sleep disorders. These disorders appear because of psychological emotions and stress. As a result, insomnia could become a daily issue that may lead to different illnesses. Thus, mental health problems may occur because of grief. Many people experience apathy, irritability, loss of appetite, and even loss of life’s meaning. In these situations, people who are grieving should be supported by the family and friends. In case they are lonely, they should seek for psychological assistance.

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It is important to realize that no matter how painful the loss is, it is temporary. A person who is grieving should learn how to manage his or her emotions. Grieving does not mean crying or feeling pain every day. Healthy grief requires to accept the situation as it is. Nobody can make any corrections to what happened. Neimeyer (2012) argued that people are resistant to change regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Time is the best healer in many cases.

How to Deal with Grief?

People deal differently with grief. It depends on a person’s character, attitude to life, emotional state, and the state of mind. For instance, a person’s attitude to life and his self-esteem play an important role. It also depends on who stays with a grieving person. Those who are alone and have nobody to accompany them in life cannot be healed by grieving. Meeting a new person who can substitute the lost one may be very helpful to deal with grieving. One should be strong enough to manage his or her grief and continue living without tears and sorrow. The research asserts that it would be healing to change an atmosphere where a person is living, e.g. to move to another area, or change the work or an apartment (Wilson, 2013).

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Marrazzo (2008) claimed that women are more likely to get depressed than men because of grieving. In order to deal effectively with healthy grief, it would be rather effective to exercise, ride a bicycle, meet with friends, read books, and do other activities that might help to forget the painful feelings. A person who has lost a loved one should not concentrate on his or her loss. It is important to understand that life goes on and it is full of new experiences. To make grief healthy, a person should not escape pain. On the contrary, he or she should learn to accept it. Hiding the pain or running away from it does not neutralize it.


Healthy grieving means remembering the importance of the loss. A person who is grieving should realize that it does not mean that there will be possibilities. A person should be strong enough to manage his or her grief and continue living without tears and sorrow. Grieving does not mean crying or feeling pain every day. Healthy grief requires to accepting the situation as it is and continue living without pain. Healthy grief implies  learning how to accept the loss and handle one’s pain.

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