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Healthy Grief

Introduction Most people experience health grief in their lives. There are different reasons for grief: a loss of a close one, relationship, job, or a bad diagnosis. In many cases, a person should learn to start his life again. People who experience healthy grief do not usually realize that their behavior is purposeful. However, healthy grief is useful for the well-being of a person, because he allows feelings to release.…

Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Its Effect on Mother and Fetus

Vomiting of pregnant women is a pathological condition in the first half of pregnancy that is attributable to the early toxicosis. The last one is a status of pregnant women that arises from the development of the whole of the ovum or some of its elements. This paper examines the reasons and effects of toxicosis (also known as hyperemesis gravidarum) on maternal and fetal organisms. Vomiting during pregnancy is much…
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