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Category: Nursing

Culture Competency of Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a center of Islam culture, being the place of pilgrimage and sacred relics. This aspect influences its population diversity and it esp...
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Nursing Root Cause Analysis

Introduction Root cause analysis (RCA) is a well-detailed platform that allows analysis of adverse events that lead to an avoidable occurrence that c...
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Research Project Proposal: Preventing the Development of Type 2 Diabetes from Prediabetes

Literature Review The main purpose of the research is to investigate the influence of a healthy diet, exercising and metformin administration in prev...
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The Effects of Children Hospital Admission to Parents

Hospitals and other institutions for social and health care are crucial pillars of the welfare of the society. When a child falls ill, the first stop ...
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The Impact of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report on Nursing

The nursing profession takes the lion’s share in the healthcare sector. In the USA alone, there are approximately three million nurses (Institute of...
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