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Guide to Writing a Movie Critique – Top Tips!

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While writing a movie critique has its challenges, is there anyone who does not enjoy watching movies? An assignment that involves watching a movie and critiquing it may at first appear the ideal assignment. The task of watching something and sharing your views of it with others may seem a simple one, but in the academic world, critiquing any type of work is far from easy. Some rules have to be followed, certain things need to be included, and there is a way that a critique should be developed if it is to be deemed valid and reasonable.

What Are Critiques?

The process of writing a movie critique or any critique involves examining the work of another person and either applauding it or criticizing it. This is a mechanism for sharing your feelings about a particular work with others, and trying to get them to see or agree with your viewpoint. What is not sufficient is to just say what you think about a work, rather you need to support your views with solid evidence and develop a convincing argument showing how you arrived at your conclusion(s).


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Five Essential Steps Involved in Writing Movie Critiques

  • Choose your stance – against or in favor of

The first piece of movie critique help we can offer is to say that, with this type of writing, you need to make your view or opinion clear. Obscurity has no place in this type of assignment. You need to present your view either in favor of or against the work you have been asked to critique.

  • Create an essay outline

Setting out an argument in outline form is an effective way to make it flow smoothly and coherently. Begin with your thesis sentence or statement, present your various points, provide solid examples for these, and then reach your conclusion(s).

  • Develop a thesis statement that is concise and clear

A thesis statement is usually one sentence that sets out your feelings about the work you are critiquing and whether you are against it or in favor of it. This is the foundation stone or the reason for writing this paper.

  • Support claims with evidence or proof

When you make assertions or claims in a movie critique essay, or offer your opinion, you need to back these up with proof. A great way to give credibility to a paper is to provide evidence.

  • Your conclusion should be valid

A paper’s conclusion is the part where the writer ties all the elements of their argument together. Your entire critique will lack strength and/or validity without a credible conclusion.

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