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Progressive Delivery

If customers need their orders delivered in a progressive manner – i.e. one part at a time – can help. This option makes larger papers more manageable. In general terms, it is suitable for anyone who is tasked with writing a 10 or 10+ page assignment in single-spacing or a 20 or 20+ page assignment in double-spacing.

What benefits do you get from progressive delivery?

  • Because this method involves delivering orders in separate parts, it is easier for the recipient to track their orders. It also allows more time to review completed papers (and approve them) prior to submission.
  • Gives the recipient 30 days for requesting revisions, which offers for free with every order. However, in the case of standard orders, recipients are only given 2 days past delivery for requesting complimentary revisions).
  • Assignments written and edited by our best experts.
  • Once receives an order, we allocate a manager to personally oversee the completion of each one. Their remit is to monitor the entire process – from ensuring effective communication between the customer and our writer to confirming the order is completed to a high standard.

How drafts/parts are delivered*:

  • Assume we are given a completion timeframe of up to 4 days: Our writer completes the first 25% of the required order and sends it to the recipient once 50% of the allowed time expires. In real terms, this means anyone who orders 44 pages from us and allows us 2 days completion time will receive 11 pages draft once 1 day of the time allowed has passed.
  • Assume we are given a completion timeframe of 5-11 days: Our writer completes the first 25% of the required order and sends it to the recipient once 25% of the allowed time expires. The writer then completes the second portion – in the region of 50% of the required order – and delivers it once 50% of the allowed time has passed.
  • Assume we are given a completion timeframe of 12 (or more than 12) days: Our writer follows the above-described pattern i.e. they complete the first portion (25%), the second portion (50%), and finally the third portion (75%) and deliver these when the following amounts of the allowed time expires – 25%, 50%, and 75%.

This service does not cost much more than a standard order – just add +15%. 

* In case this method does not suit a customer’s requirements, they can contact the personal manager assigned to monitor their order to discuss a different delivery method. Our staff members are always delighted to hear from you and work with you to find satisfactory solutions.  

Additional Services – for Smaller (less than 20 Page) Papers

Order a 1-Page Summary

If needed (and recommended by for students who are expected to submit regular updates and/or progress reports on their work), customers can ask us to provide short and concise summaries of their paper(s). All critical information and/or key points from the entire assignment will be summarized in this 1-page document.

Order a 1-Page Draft

Another useful service from is the provision of drafts when half (50%) of the allowed time for an order has elapsed. If a tutor has asked you to use single-spacing we can send your 1-page draft as a 600-word document. If they have asked you to use double-spacing we can send your 1-page draft as a 300-word document. So, in essence, if you give us a completion time of 4 days, your 1-page draft will be sent when 2 days of this timeframe has elapsed.

Extended Revision

Every single customer is guaranteed revisions, which our company provides free for 48 hours after we have delivered an order. However, for the purpose of flexibility, we can extend this timeframe to 14 days for those who would find it beneficial.

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