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African American

Prejudices, as understood by many, refer to a cultural attitude that usually rests on the negative or unnecessary stereotypes on individuals. Prejudice is an action that affects other people’s life, mainly psychologically. Based on the history ...

American Culture: Diversity and Unity

American culture began to develop even before the United States became a nation. Its early formation was influenced by British culture due to the colonial ties with the British, who spread the English language, de jure (legal) system and other ...

Baby Boomer

In the history of United States of America, traditional families did not limit the number of their children to two or less like it is being witnessed now. The baby boomer generation between 1940s and 1960s produced prominent persons including the ...

Charismatic Leadership

A 1976 Theory of Charisma Leadership uses the term charisma to describe leaders who wield the uncommon abilities to command devotion and loyalty of the inspiring followers not only to accept but to execute their (leaders’) will without any ...

Child Mortality Rate in Sierra Leone

Introduction There are various international organizations in the world which track the quality of life in different countries. They classify the states into the most developed, developing and the least developed ones. Such a measure allows choosing ...

Code of Ethics In IT

Practice shows that ethical codes really do contain resources to address a wide range of tasks. At the same time, a single methodological approach to codes of ethics is currently lacking. Code of ethics, in essence, is a set of rules and behaviors ...

Community Oriented Policing Model

Community policing is a proactive approach in addressing the issues facing a community. The concept’s success is highly benched on degree of fruitful collaboration between the community and the law enforcers. Ideally, community policing ...

Does The World still care about American Culture?

American culture is not very distinct since it is composed of people from different origins. Their culture is diverse ranging from food, drinks, fashion and art. America has been a role model to many developing and developed countries in terms of ...

Effective Leadership

Every project or program that has to be fruitful need a guide who is capable of influencing the team to work and walk towards the goal(s). Leadership is an inevitable concept in every aspect where teamwork comes to play. In this respect, the ...

Effects of Same-Sex Parents on Adolescent’s Peer Relations

Families differ in composition, which has led to changing the definition of family. An example of a family which has come under interest and scrutiny is the family of same-sex partners and the situation when it involves a child, especially ...

Ethical Dilemma

Life pause a lot of chances and opportunities, some of them difficult to decide, but there has to be an answer in every question. Ideally, life is about choices. The choice we make determines the future endeavors and relationship with those we ...

Five Perspectives in a Love Relationship

Humans are described as social beings that need to interact with each other for purposes of developmental progress. It is through this need of socialization that intimate association crops up, and nurtures to a love/romantic relationship. A love ...

Genetic Modification Effect on Society

Genes are responsible for passing the traits from one generation to the next among the living organisms. The genetic composition of an offspring rhymes immensely to those of the parents or the source. Though reproduction is meant to be a natural ...

Information Technology in Modern Society

The last decades of XX century were marked by events that fundamentally transformed the contemporary socio-cultural reality. It is an active entry into the community of advanced information technologies, which occurred as a result of the rapid ...

Intercultural Communication

When two or more people meet for the first time, there is always the inevitable difference of newness that arises. People meet for various reasons: business, education, religious purposes, war, and recreation, to mention a few. What one must know is ...

Leadership and Teamwork

In the contemporary business and social arena, there are diversification of interest and need for specialization, which comes with competency culminating to ample returns. These factors have resulted to teamwork being inevitable and effective ...

Leadership Point of View

Proudly, I may declare that I have benefited a lot from the background and support that I have received from both by mother and my boss/mentor. They cultivated in me the principle of excellence by imposing the imperativeness of an extra stride on my ...

Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are targets that are aimed at looking at the dismal situations of the poor and disadvantaged people in the world. The goals express the desire and commitment of member states to eradicate poverty and hunger, ...

Parent Tampering With the Genetic Makeup of Their Child

Technology is shaping the world in a blazing hue increasing the positivity and speed in most of the aspects. The same technology is transferring the role of the Creator into the hands of men, raising question on safety of the future generation. As ...

Personality Theories

According to H. S. Sullivan, personality theory is a system of representations, of which the decisive role in the emergence of personality traits and psychological disorders is attributed to interpersonal relations. Typical interpersonal situations ...

Positive Relationships

Collaboration and togetherness are principles of higher achievement.  Contemporary, almost every employer is interested in individuals who can relate with others consummately, and use their capabilities with the aim of synergic effect in their ...


Absolute poverty refers to a situation where an individual has less than the income required for a daily diet recommended per person estimated to be 2150 calories.  Extra attention has been paid between demography and poverty especially in ...

Pressing Social Problems

It is well known that US is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It has built rather strong economy and became the best example for any other country. Despite the overall positive tendency of social development, the U.S. continues to be ...

Racial Profiling and Male African Americans

Social pillar like many others core pillars in human development demands close attention in answering the disparity and challenges in the society. Ideally, most of the social challenges facing a society, such as America, are dependent on the period ...

“Republican Motherhood” and the “Cult of Domesticity”

Human rights theme is one of the most discussed issues all over the world. There are different examples of the human rights violation and I would like to outline three of them: gender, class issues and racism in the light of the republican ...

Republican Vs Democrats

The issue of gay marriages has been a heated social issue between the democrats and the republicans in the U.S. The republicans are opposed to the legalization of gay marriages, while democrats support it fully. The current paper intends to look at ...

Soc-organization and Society

Henry Mintzberg (1980) identified five forms of structuring that influence performance within organizations. They include the Entrepreneurial Organization, the Machine Organization (Bureaucracy), the Professional Organization, the Divisional ...

Social Class and Inequality in the Community

In Moreno Valley, city changes have been witnessed in the size, technology, and demography of the community since 1990. The population of Moreno Valley has tremendously increased over the last twenty years. The occupational and ownership of property ...

Social Support for the Elderly

The elderly in society who are mostly isolated due to various reasons such as being in distant isolated areas, those disabled, or those without family need social support to prolong their lives. This could be through making friends with them, and ...

Sociological Perspectives

It is important to know the difference between three main sociological perspectives in order to see the world and society through each lens and analyze various communities and human behaviors. Firstly, the functionalist theory focuses on function. ...


The family has for decades been taken as the basic unit of any society; this makes it worth to argue that the family can be seen as the chief cause of some problems, which the society is currently facing. Therefore, I agree with experts that ...

The Amanda Todd Story

Nowadays, bullying is a widespread problem that exists almost in every school between teens who insult each other in different, cruel ways. Sometimes people do not pay much attention to bullying because they suppose it does not contain any threat ...

The Concepts of Marriage

Marriage can be defined as the joining of two people into a socially and legally approved form of lifetime companions. Marriage dates back from the early days in history and is a family building association between two spouses. According to the ...

The Problem of Divorce in Today's Society

Divorce is a phenomenon, widely presented in modern society. It is likely that this function is only good in a divorce (Lasch). It is estimated by the American sociologist and psychologist Constance Ahrons that every thirteen seconds one pair ...

What is Leadership and why are Leaders Important?

One of the most important issues in business today is the question of what it means to be a true leader, and how to find creative solutions to business. According to William Taylor, leadership is not something that you get to your office or in ...

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