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A Suicidal Teenager

Introduction This paper seeks to highlight a suicidal case study involving a 17-year-old teenager named Frank who made the shocking suicidal revelations to a counselor. From the conversation that Frank had with his counselor, we learn that he never ...

Amanda Howard Internet Case

Introduction The computer revolution has led to discovery of internet, a platform, where one can meet new people through the chat sites; thus, facilitating a creation of the new friendships with others, as well as sharing and exchanging his or her ...

Bill of Rights in Australia

Human rights have risen to occupy an important position within societies in the 21st century. However, debate rages in Australia whether the bill of rights should be adopted or not. Equally, an issue whether the bill of rights should be modeled ...

Contemporary Cultural Diversity

The criminal justice system’s response to the public’s perception of ethnic and gender bias a) Final report of Pennsylvania Supreme court committee on racial and gender bias in the justice system In the month of October 15 1999, the ...

Crime Reduction in New York City

From time immemorial, Manhattan Institute has always taken a special interest in cities as well as their citizens. Two of these cities are Detroit and New York. The film, Manhattan Institute Video on crime Reduction in the New York City describes ...

Death Penalty

One of the most disturbing ethical problems affecting each society and each country is the question of death penalty. There has been plentiful debate on the matter. In some jurisdictions it is in effect, in others it is forbidden or replaced by ...

Debt and Indebtedness: Dienst and McClanahan Compared

This paper compares and contrasts the views of Dienst and McClanahan on debt and indebtedness. The paper also highlights personal views how a key concept is at work in relation to the readings. In the conception of debt and indebtedness Dienst and ...

Dutch Court Controversy

According to the writer, a Hague based court acquitted a student who was charged with hacking of a router. As the judge said, breaking Wi-Fi or piggybacking on an open Wi-Fi network does not contravene the constitution of the Netherlands. The judge, ...

Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Employment-at-will doctrine refers to the assumption that employment is a phenomenon that exists for an indefinite time-period and may be ceased both by an employee or an employer. This approach is used by courts in order to interpret employment ...

Federal Regulations: Equal Pay Act

Introduction Employment discrimination takes many forms, but it always involves different attitude towards people due to their distinctive features, leading to inequality of treatment and opportunities. In other words, discrimination results in ...

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the right of an individual to communicate his ideas, opinions or thoughts. It is a part of the freedom of expression. In the previous centuries, knowledge was identified to be of great importance, and its circulation was a major ...


In order for the bill to become a law, several steps should be followed. This approach is common for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. First and foremost, the bill is drafted, and then, the draft is forwarded to the committees which, ...

Manufacturing Co. v. Artic International, Inc.

The present case undoubtedly serves as an exemplary trial of the entire US intellectual property disputes resolution system. In this case study, the paper aims to examine the conventional model of the dispute resolution, alternative ways of dispute ...

Securities Law

Securities and Exchange Commission plays a very significant role in providing necessary information concerning the nature and type of securities that are on offer. The Securities and Exchange Commission has some regulations concerning listing of ...

Socrates’ Argument: Life of the Just

In The Republic, Book I by Plato, Socrates is ambitiously set on showing and proving that just people are happier than unjust ones. Despite Socrates’ sound argument that justice is like a virtue or a skill (349b), it is strongly believed that ...

The Criminal Justice Organizations as a Part of Our Life

I believe that administration is a difficult endeavor. I have always felt that someone in the position of power is the most responsible for the situation or the institution. Although when we talk about the criminal justice organizations, we need to ...

The Fourth Amendment and Digital Privacy

The Fourth Constitutional Amendment in the United States came as a result of judge Alex Kozinski’s speech, which posed the necessity to review the digital privacy in the 21st Century. He gave this speech in an annual B. Kenneth Simon lecture ...

The Law in the United Kingdom

Question 1 a. A law is a framework/system of legislations that compel people to conduct themselves in a particular manner, whereas the violation of it attracts a penalty or an undesirable consequence. It is a means of social control that ...

The Rule of Law

The Common Law doctrines of both the United Kingdom and the United States of America unequivocally state that a drug or alcohol intoxicated person to the degree that he or she cannot comprehend the nature of their actions is granted by the law to ...

UAE Legal System

Introduction The United Arab Emirates (the UAE) is comprised of seven emirates including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quawain. The federal government and the government of each emirate get their powers from ...

US Ohio Tax Law

A famous and permanently relevant famous United States proverb says that nothing is certain in this life except death and taxes. In particular taxes in the state of Ohio are as certain as in any other state of the United States of America.  ...

Utilitarian View of Slavery

Introduction John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism theory of the normative ethics advanced that the morality of an action is determined by the maximization of its utility that entirely involves reducing pain and maximizing happiness. In this way, ...

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